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All-inclusive destination resorts are popular for families and couples seeking a “one stop-shop” approach to vacationing.  With so many amenities and entertainment options included, identifying guests can be time-consuming. Resort wristbands provide numerous benefits for employees, including improving security, guests’ verification, and boosting branding.   We will touch upon four important reasons below.


1.  Improves Security & Prevents Counterfeits

Wristbands make identifying guests quick and easy, adding an extra layer of security to resort grounds. Plastic and vinyl wristbands are colorful, durable, and non-transferable, so personnel can easily identify guests.  With just a quick glance at the wrist, staff can spot if there are unauthorized people on your property.

You may want to consider customizing your resort wristbands with a unique design or message, such as your logo to add an extra level of security.  Imprinting a logo or message onto your wristbands is an effective way to prevent gatecrashers from freely using your accommodations, participating in events at the resort, or taking advantage of special promotions.  Check out our article for more tips on customizing your wristbands.


2.  Age Identification for Special Access

If alcohol is served at your resort, identification can be verified at check-in.  Guests over 21 can be given a non-transferable specific colored wristband to wear or a Tyvek ‘Over 21’ wristband, so bartenders and wait staff know it is okay to serve them alcoholic beverages.   Using wristbands eliminates the need for staff to re-check IDs; thus speeding up the concession lines and increasing guest spending. 

Wristbands are also helpful when verifying access for children in specific age groups.  For example, if only children over the age of six are allowed in a specific pool or water slide, they can be issued a blue wristband or a fun, pre-printed plastic design to differentiate them from younger kids and increase their safety.  Since all-inclusive resorts often offer a lot of outdoor entertainment and activities, wristbands must be able to withstand heavy exposure to sun, dirt, and water.  Plastic and vinyl wristbands are waterproof and extremely durable, so they are perfect for multi-day use, and are able to survive all the fun wear-and-tear they are subjected to.


3.  Controls Access to Private Events

All-inclusive resorts often host corporate and special events, as well as weddings.  Custom wristbands can assist staff to control access to rooms or specific areas of the resort where these events take place. Neither general resort guests nor the public will be able to get in—keeping the event a private affair.  You may want to add a fun message on the wristbands that guests can keep and enjoy as a keepsake after the event has ended.


4.  Enhances Branding

Custom wristbands become “mini billboards” worn by your guests boosting branding for your resort.  Our SureImage® plastic wristbands are ideal for high-impact branding, since they allow full-color customization.  When guests participate in off-resort activities, their customized wristband with your resort’s logo will catch the eye of people they encounter; igniting conversation and first-hand testimonials about your resort.  People often keep their wristbands as a souvenir or for bragging rights, as well.  With your resort’s logo and/or website on the band, you may find guests sharing their great experience with friends and family back home.  Nothing works better than word of mouth advertising!


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