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Top RFID Solutions for Event Management

PDC is ready to help you rock your festival lineup

People are hungry for live events and entertainment like never before. Yes, there are some hurdles to jump to comply with new rules. We can help with that. Our ID solutions help control access and manage crowds.

Partner with PDC to orchestrate a smooth, safe and one-of-a kind event that keeps your fans coming back for more.


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Redefine the Fan Experience

  • Contactless Access Control
  • Cashless Payment
  • Capacity Management
  • Faster Transactions, Shorter Lines
  • Social Media & Loyalty Programs

PDC Smart® RFID Solutions


Cards & Key Fobs

Vehicle Passes

RFID Credential Mailers

Key Benefits of RFID

Increase Revenue & Profits

Convenient purchasing power by reducing transaction time, staff resources, and fraud associated with cash handling

Enhance Security

Non-transferable, secure RFID wristbands prevent
unauthorized use or access

Streamline Operations

Automates manual procedures, making transactions
simple and seamless

Reduce Costs

Provides faster automated processes to reduce
staff time and required resources

Prevent Fraud & Counterfeits

The unique chip identifier number in every RFID
wristband makes duplication or
replication impossible

Boost Your Brand

Social media integration and keepsake value of RFID wristbands leave lasting impressions long after a guest visit

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