SuperBand® Plastic Wristbands 1/2" 460P Snap Closure (500/Box)

$55.87 $31.88

SuperBand® Plastic Wristbands 1/2" Variety Packs (500/Box)

$74.68 from $53.14

ClearImage® Medium Vinyl Wristbands 3/4" VCP (500/Box)

$105.55 from $63.33

3/4" Vinyl Wristbands Vibrant Waterproof VSP (500/Box)

$97.43 from $92.56

Superband® Expressions Plastic Wristbands 3/4" Over 21 Design 4029 (500/Box)

$70.87 from $70.87

Superband® Plastic Wristbands 1" 450P (500/Box)

$73.57 from $58.86

ClearImage® Vinyl Wristbands 1/2" Snap Closure 130P (500/Box)

$90.93 from $54.56

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Hotel and all-inclusive resorts are popular for guests seeking a “one-stop-shop” approach to vacationing. With so many amenities and entertainment options available, identifying guests can be time-consuming. Our hotel and resort wristbands provide numerous benefits for staff and guests alike, including improving security and controlling access for special areas, events, and amenities, as well as boosting branding.

For larger hotels and resorts, wristbands can be used to help coordinate special events such as corporate retreats, conventions, or weddings. If several large events are being held simultaneously, you can issue different types and color of wristbands to differentiate types of guests. Plastic and vinyl wristbands are ideal choices because they are durable, high-security, waterproof, and last multiple days.

Hotel and resort wristbands help age verification if alcohol is being served. Guests over 21 can be given non-transferable over over 21 plastic wristbands, or specific colored wristbands, so bartenders and staff know it is okay to serve them alcohol beverages. Using wristbands eliminates the need for staff to re-check IDs; thus increasing security, speeding up concession lines, and increasing guest spending.

All-inclusive resorts often offer a lot of amenities such as pools, fitness centers, waterslides, and more. Hotel and resort wristbands are helpful for controlling access to specific guests such as VIPs or children. For example, if only children over the age of ten are allowed in a specific pool or waterslide, they can be issued a blue colored plastic wristband or a fun, pre-printed plastic design to differentiate them from younger children and increase their safety.

Custom wristbands become “mini billboards” worn by your guests, boosting branding for your resort. Our SureImage® custom full-color wristbands take your custom wristband to the next level, and make your design pop, with their vibrant, photo-quality printing. When guests participate in off-resort activities, their customized wristbands with your resort’s logo and name will catch attention and ignite conversations and first-hand testimonials about your resort. Guests may even keep their wristbands as a keepsake after their stay and share their experience with friends and family back home.

Unlock new possibilities for hotels and resorts with RFID wristbands and hotel key cards. Our RFID products offer a wide range of applications, like cashless point-of-sale, access control, keyless entry. We even offer key fobs, which are ideal for VIP guests and season pass holders.

Interested in designing your own staff ID cards or guest loyalty cards? Our Magicard card printers allow you to customize and print high-resolution cards with ease, and also offer built-in-high-security features to prevent counterfeiting. Pair these ID cards with our ID holders, like our lanyards, badge holders, and badge reels for a complete and effective identification solution.