SuperBand® Custom Plastic Wristbands 1" Imprinted 450P (500/Box)

$104.58 $81.51

SuperBand® Custom Plastic Wristbands 1" Imprinted 470P (500/Box)

$97.11 $76.29

SuperBand® Custom Plastic Wristbands 3/4" Imprinted 400P Snap Closure (500/Box)

$92.54 $69.75

SuperBand® Narrow Custom Plastic Wristbands 1/2" Imprinted 460P (500/Box)

$86.64 $64.39

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Custom plastic wristbands are a superior choice when you’re looking for a strong, high-security, water-resistant wristband that can’t be transferred and can last for multiple days. Similar to our stock plastic wristbands, customizable plastic wristbands are made from high-security polyethylene film and feature one-time use locking plastic closures to prevent transfer and reuse.

When it comes to boosting branding or generating sponsorship revenue, designing your own custom plastic wristbands offer many benefits. Add your own event, venue, or sponsorship logo, important event details, or variable data like QR codes, barcodes, and serial numbers. Not only does this increase security and prevent counterfeits at your event or venue, but it enhances overall efficiency as well. QR or barcodes can integrate with social media platforms, allowing you the ability to communicate and market to existing and potential guests – extending your reach.

If you’re looking to boost your branding and make your event stand out, consider choosing our custom full-color SureImage® wristbands for the ultimate high-impact branding. Each wristband features edge-to-edge vibrant, photo-quality full-color custom printing, allowing you to design a one-of-a-kind beautiful wristband.

Custom plastic wristbands feature a durable water-resistant material, which means plastic wristbands hold up better than many other materials against water and moisture. This makes them the ultimate choice for venues like water parks, all-inclusive resorts, swimming pools, and multi-day events that involve water.

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