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Bullying, whether physical, verbal, or online is a wide-spread issue worldwide. Take a stand against bullying and help encourage youth to put an end to it by distributing Bullying Awareness wristbands. National Bullying Awareness Month is observed every October, and wearing Bullying Awareness wristbands is a popular and positive way to commemorate the cause.

Our Bullying Awareness wristbands and lanyard are a visible reminder to be kind, respect one another, celebrate our differences, and speak-out against bullying. Our wristbands feature inspirational messaging to help promote the cause and raise awareness. These wristbands also encourage wearers to take a stand when they see it happening.

Encourage your school, community, or youth organization to take the pledge and help spread anti-bullying awareness with durable rewearable silicone wristbands, designed to be worn and withstand the entire month’s observance and even beyond. If you’re looking for higher-security, non-transferable wristbands for an event, we also carry waterproof plastic anti-bullying wristbands with varying highly-visible inspirational messages. Consider customizing your own wristbands or lanyards to design your ideal ID product.

Complement your youth awareness campaigns and events during the month of October with our Red Ribbon Week Awareness wristbands, celebrated annually the last week of October.