SuperBand® Plastic Wristbands 1/2" 460P Snap Closure (500/Box)

$74.68 $53.21

Tytan-Band® 3/4" Tyvek Wristbands NTS Adhesive Closure (500/Pack)

$31.33 from $29.76

Liquid Glitter® Holographic Plastic Wristbands 3/4" 4480 (500/Box)

$98.60 $93.67

Woven Wristbands 1/2" VIP Design - High Security Closure WOVV (100/Pack)

$53.75 $51.06

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Non-transferable stock admission wristbands are perfect for:

PDC offers a large selection of stock wristbands in many different materials, ranging from styles featuring fun pre-printed designs to bright solid colors. Whether you need wristbands for a single-day event or highly-durable bracelets specially designed for multi-day events, we have what you need to meet your needs.

If you’re looking for high-security, durable, and comfortable wristbands, our SuperBand® plastic wristbands are an excellent choice for venues like water parks and all-inclusive resorts, because they are also waterproof and last multiple days. Each plastic wristband features a single-use locking plastic snap to prevent transfer and heighten security. We offer a wide range of vibrant solid colors and pre-printed designs to help you compliment your event’s theme and identify guests.

Make your event stand out with our eye-catching plastic holographic wristbands. Capable of lasting days on end, holographic wristbands are perfect for festivals, live events, bars, and clubs where you want to enhance the guest experience. Since they sparkle and shine in the light, these wristbands make spotting paid guests easier than ever. Available in a variety of visible colors and patterns, we also offer pre-designed patriotic holographic wristbands.

For smaller amusement parks, fairs, family entertainment centers, bars and clubs, and fundraising events, Wrist-Rider® Wristicket® vinyl wristbands are ideal for selling admission to specific attractions within an event, food, drinks, rides, prizes, and more. Each durable non-transferable wristband features tear-off tabs that can be used for admission or as a pre-pay method for redeeming merchandise and rides; speeding up concession lines.

Our ScanBand® thermal wristbands are the perfect solution when you can’t find a stock wristband to fit your needs, but don’t want to customize a large quantity of wristbands before your event or season, in case something important like a logo or date changes. Thermal wristbands take crowd management to the next level because you can customize your own wristbands in seconds with our thermal printer. On-demand printing allows you to save time and money by only printing wristbands when and how you need them. Perfect for family entertainment centers and trampoline parks, ScanBand® thermal wristbands help you increase efficiency and streamline applications by color-coding activities by day, hour, guest type, or access.

Unsure of which style stock wristband is the best fit for your venue or event? Check out our wristband buying guide or browse our wristbands by events section to find the best fit.

If you can’t find a stock or pre-printed band that suits your needs, consider designing your own custom wristbands with our easy-to-use customizer to increase branding and heighten security.