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Red Ribbon Week is observed annually in October, and schools and youth organizations nationwide use these wristbands to educate and encourage youth on the value of abstaining from drugs in a fun and stylish way. We offer pre-printed motivational Red Ribbon Week wristbands in durable, waterproof silicone that will last the entire week-long observance and even beyond.

If you want to personalize Red Ribbon Week wristbands in a variety of different material options, you can design your own customized wristbands exactly how you want. Wristbands are an excellent way to raise awareness for Red Ribbon Week, an awareness campaign that was started in response to increasing drug-related violence. Read our article on the history of Red Ribbon Wristbands to learn more.

Interested in other awareness campaign wristbands? We also carry a wide array of pre-designed wristbands and ID holders for other causes, including Breast Cancer Awareness, Bullying Awareness, and Pride Month.