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Animal ID bands can be used as identification for a variety of pets and animals

  • Dogs
  • Cats
  • Horses
  • Livestock

Our ID band for animals can be affixed easily around many different size animals like a collar, or around their leg for proper and secure temporary identification. Many animal shelters and rescues use PDC’s Ident-A-Band® Animal ID Vinyl Band because its cut-to-length collar fits any size animal. Staff can write pertinent information (e.g. animal’s name, intake number, sex, special care instructions, and more) on the insert card.

Need temporary animal ID bands that accommodate larger animals? Our TabBand® Max animal ID collars are specifically designed for pet identification and classification with an increased length of 20” long. The color is laminated into the band rather than on the band, so it won’t fade or run over time.

PDC’s animal ID bands are available in a large selection of materials, sizes, and highly-visible colors to provide safe, secure, and accurate identification. Choose from color code, insert card, and write-on styles to meet every application.

Download our Animal ID brochure for more information.

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