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Keeping track of large groups of children can be challenging for staff, camp counselors, and teachers. Camp wristbands are a highly-effective way to keep children and your venue safe and secure and provide peace of mind for parents and staff at:

  • Summer camps
  • Church camps
  • Day camps
  • Youth scout camps

There are many different ways to use camp wristbands for child safety. You can utilize different color or pattern wristbands – such as red, yellow, and green – to categorize children in different groups or with different needs, like medical conditions and allergies. Many of our non-transferable and brightly-colored Tyvek® wristbands can be written on with a permanent marker to help identify and keep track of children easily and effectively. We also offer many fun pre-printed designs that children will love.

Our ScanBand® direct thermal wristbands are perfect for camps because you can create and print your own custom wristbands in seconds on-site. Offered in a wide variety of bright colors, thermal wristbands not only help visually identify authorized guests, but provide added security for counterfeit protection by implementing a color-coding system where you can easily interchange wristbands depending on the day, hour, activity, or guest type.

Consider customizing your camp wristbands with the name of your camp, child’s name, guardian’s name, and contact information for added protection in case of an emergency. For single-day camps, we’d recommend our economical and non-transferable Tyvek® wristbands. For longer camp stays, we’d recommend durable, comfortable, and non-transferable plastic, vinyl, or woven fabric wristbands because they can last for up to a week or longer.

For camps that have swimming facilities, developing a program to identify and group children participating in aquatic activities is essential. Our waterproof plastic and vinyl wristband are durable, non-transferable, and highly-visible. This makes them easily seen under water, and can last for an entire week of camp. Consider implementing a color-coding wristband system for your swimmers that segment them into age groups and/or their varying levels of swimming abilities. With color-coded wristbands, you can limit access to different parts of the pool.

An additional benefit of using wristbands for your camp is the advertising component. Not only can wristbands help identify, categorize, and help keep children safe, they also provide an excellent way to promote your camp. Custom wristbands with your camp's name and logo provide a lasting memento for youth long after they leave, and help to spread the word about your camp and all the fun they had.

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