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Custom vinyl wristbands are a great choice for events that last multiple days or even weeks, as they are durable and secure enough to withstand plenty of wear-and-tear, while remaining soft and comfortable for long-term use. In addition, you won’t have to worry about water damage or fading text, as these bands are waterproof. For that reason, custom vinyl wristbands are a popular choice for venues and events that have aquatic activities like water parks and all-inclusive resorts.

Events and venues can also have peace of mind knowing that our custom vinyl wristbands help boost security and prevent counterfeits. Each band features highly-secure tamper-proof plastic snap locking closures that are designed for one-time use to prevent sharing. After the clasp is locked, the wristband must be cut in order to be removed.

Designing your own unique custom vinyl wristbands not only increases security, but helps boost branding and sponsorship opportunities. Upload the logo or messaging of your choice with our easy-to-use wristband customizer, to elevate your brand. If your event has sponsors, you may want to consider adding their logos to help pay for the cost of your wristbands, or even generate surplus revenue. Our custom glow-in-the-dark vinyl wristbands are perfect for visually identifying authorized guests during low-light events (bars, nightclubs, outdoor venues).

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Funtown Splashtown USA Uses PDC Vinyl Wristbands to Control Admissions