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Vinyl wristbands are popular for events and venues looking for durable, high-security, waterproof wristbands that can last for multiple days or even weeks. Similar to plastic wristbands and holographic wristbands, vinyl wristbands feature one-time use locking closures, that once closed cannot be opened without breaking the wristband. This prevents counterfeits and sharing among guests. Constructed of multi-layered vinyl, these wristbands are ideal for water applications, since they hold up against the water and moisture better than most other materials.

We offer a variety of styles, including glow-in-the-dark wristbands (ideal for low-light events at bars and night clubs) and fun wavy patterns. All of our vinyl wristbands are available in vibrant and bold colors that help your guests visibly stand out in the crowd. Another advantage of vinyl wristbands is that select styles can be ordered in translucent shiny colors, such as our ClearImage® wristbands. Consider rotating colors weekly to help your staff visually identify authorized guests and improve security.

Looking for wristbands for redemption use for food, drinks, rides, and raffles? You’ll want to check out our line of Wrist-Rider® vinyl wristbands. They feature 3, 4, or 5 tear-off tabs that can help your staff speed up transactions at any point-of-sale location. This helps to reduce concession lines and gets your guests back to enjoying your venue or event faster.

To enhance branding and security, consider our custom vinyl wristbands. Design your unique wristbands with the logo or messaging of your choice, and make your event really pop.

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