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Custom woven wristbands provide the ultimate branding opportunity and give wristbands a stylish, eye-catching VIP feel. Highly-secure and durable, they are an excellent way to promote not only your current event and sponsors, but future events, as guests often keep woven wristbands as souvenirs or even wear them well after the event has passed. Custom woven wristbands serve as “mini billboards” on your guests’ wrists and allow you to connect with current and future guests.

Cloth wristbands allow you to add your own personal touch with custom fonts, logos, or almost any design you wish. Design with the name and dates of your event, brand or sponsors’ logos, or use to identify and differentiate guests (e.g. VIP, general admission). When coupled with RFID technology, custom woven wristbands are the ultimate high-security durable wristband when counterfeit prevention is of critical importance.

Non-profit organizations and fundraisers can also take advantage of the benefits custom woven wristbands provide. If you’re considering using wristbands for fundraising events, check out our non-profit and fundraising wristbands collection for other styles and materials. We also carry pre-designed woven wristbands for causes like Breast Cancer Awareness.

If your event or organization is looking for an eco-friendly option to support sustainability initiatives, we offer custom woven bamboo wristbands, made of soft and comfortable biodegradable, antibacterial bamboo material.

We offer custom woven wristbands for events with two different types of closure options, metal rings, or plastic clasps.

  • Metal Closure - For high-security, one-time use, metal closures are the secure choice, and wristbands must be cut to be removed, which prevents sharing. Metal closures are designed to be applied onto the wristband with our woven wristband tool.
  • Plastic Clasps - Plastic reusable spring closures allow for the wristbands to be easily removed and worn many times. Choose this option if you want guests to be able to quickly take the wristbands off and put them back on for later use.

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