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Custom holographic wristbands are highly durable, secure, waterproof, and comfortable enough to be worn for multi-day events like week-long festivals. Each wristband features high-security locking plastic snaps for one-time use and prevents sharing among authorized and unauthorized guests. Like custom plastic wristbands, custom holographic bands are made from tri-laminate material, and can withstand harsh tear-and-tear from events like mud runs.

We offer a variety of colorful holographic patterns that can be customized to elevate your brand and event. Easily design with your logo and messaging, and if your event is sponsored, consider adding your sponsors’ logos to generate revenue to help pay for your wristbands. Our custom Kaleidoscope holographic design is perfect for venues like fairs & carnivals, amusement parks, and fundraising events because they feature two pull-off tabs that can be printed on or numbered for use in raffles and redemption for concessions and rides.