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PDC Wristbands Thermal Printer - PD-B2-20EA1000

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ScanBand® S Direct Thermal Wristbands 1-1/8" Solid Color 7445SL (500/Box)

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4-Tab Wrist-Rider® Wristicket® Vinyl Wristbands 3/4" 4TSP (500/Box)

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SuperBand® Plastic Wristbands 1/2" 460P Snap Closure (500/Box)

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Wristbands allow staff to easily identify who has paid to be at your fair or carnival; preventing counterfeiters and helping to secure your event. Whether you use them for general admission or special access (VIP areas, vendors, etc.), wristbands allow all to see if guests are where they should be.

Wristbands are ideal for:

  • State, county, and city fairs
  • School fairs and carnivals
  • Church carnivals
  • Traveling carnivals
  • Circuses

When you use fair and carnival wristbands for age verification, your staff only needs to check guests’ IDs once at admission and apply non-transferable over 21 wristbands to drinking-age individuals. Your vendors and staff can then quickly identify who they can serve alcohol to without rechecking IDs each time, resulting in quicker concession lines for increased efficiency and spending.

Wrist-Rider® Wristicket® wristbands are popular for fairs and carnivals that sell admission to specific attractions within an event, food, drinks, rides, prizes, and more. Acting as a wristband + ticket combination, these brightly-colored wristbands feature numbered tabs, helping vendors and staff quickly and simply keep track of amenities like meal vouchers, drink tickets, and ride usage, allowing for easy and efficient sales monitoring.

Concession lines often get long at fairs and carnivals, and waiting takes away from the guest experience. Wrist-Rider® Wristicket® wristbands allow guests or staff the ability to easily conveniently tear off the appropriate tab for pre-pay redemption. To improve efficiency and get guests back to their fun, these wristbands are a great way to speed up concession lines. Fair and carnival wristbands are also frequently used for special promotion contests and raffles. We offer many types of wristbands that you can add serialized numbers to as well that offer a helpful tool for raffles.

A common practice for fairs and festivals is to sell plastic, vinyl, or Tyvek® wristbands not only for admission, but as passes for “unlimited rides” or an “all-day pass.” For smaller fairs and carnivals, ScanBand® direct thermal wristbands are perfect because you can easily print customized wristbands in seconds with our direct thermal wristband printer. Change dates, text, logos, and more on-site and when you need to, saving time, money, and inventory.

Customize your wristbands with your logo, fair or carnival name, dates, or special offers for excellent branding and advertising opportunities. Consider customizing your wristbands with any sponsor’s logos. Many sponsors will help pay for your wristband program (sponsorship) if you print their logos on the bands. Custom wristbands will also heighten security and help prevent counterfeiters at your fair or carnival.

Create and print one-of-a-kind cashless game cards with our high-resolution Magicard card printers. Guests can pre-load cards with funds to use in arcades to enhance the guest experience and increase spending throughout your venue.

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