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  • Top 5 Reasons to Choose Custom Full Color Wristbands

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    If you’re looking to level up your branding game for your next event, look no further than SureImage® Custom Full Color Wristbands!  Our full color custom wristbands offer endless, photo-quality customization capabilities right at your fingertips.  Below we highlight 5 reasons to choose custom full color wristbands for your organization.


    1.  Boost Your Brand with Full Color Custom Printing

    Vibrant, beautiful photo-quality custom printing make these wristbands ideal for high-impact branding.  Create one-of-a-kind full color custom wristbands to showcase your brand with maximum style.  This specific type of wristband features edge-to-edge full color custom print, giving you the complete freedom to design your colored wristband with our easy-to-use wristband designer. Your unique wristband is sure to become the ultimate guest souvenir, and will serve as “mini billboards” on their wrists throughout their stay, and even after.


    2.  Durability & Strength Withstands Multi-Day Use

    SureImage® Custom Full Color Wristbands feature high-quality ink and strong, comfortable plastic material, which are durable enough to last multiple days.  These plastic wristbands are water-resistant, as well, and hold up better than Tyvek® wristbands against moisture and water.  These water-resistant wristbands can be used for all types of swimming and water applications, including waterparks, hotels and resorts, and swimming pools.


    3.  Prevent Counterfeits and Elevate Security

    Due to their endless customization options, our full color wristbands are nearly impossible to duplicate.  Depending on your organization’s needs, choose from these two custom printed wristband options to help prevent counterfeiting, track admissions, and increase security at your event or venue:


    4.  Increase Efficiency and Reach with Custom Variable Data

    Customize your full color event wristbands with our numerous variable data printing capabilities to increase efficiency at your venue and expand your customer reach.  Choose from serial numbers, various types of barcodes, or QR codes, which can be used for point-of-sale transactions, promotions, and photo capture. QR wristbands or barcode wristbands easily integrate with social media platforms and provide your organization with new opportunities to spread the word and communicate with potential guests about your event or venue.


    5.  Generate Sponsorship Revenue

    Let’s face it, events can be costly.  If your event is sponsored, consider selling a portion of your valuable wristband real estate to corporate sponsors.  This can help pay for some, or all, of the costs of your wristbands, and even generate surplus revenue.  

    Make your brand or next event stand out with SureImage® Custom Full Color Wristbands.  Customize yours today!


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  • Top 4 Reasons to Choose Plastic Wristbands for Your Venue

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    Top 4 Reasons to Choose Plastic Wristbands for Your Venue

    There are many different types of wristbands to choose from at your venue, or when planning your next event.  While each wristband material has its advantages, plastic wristbands are a superior choice when you're looking for a strong, water-resistant wristband that can't be transferred and can last multi-days.  Below we highlight 4 reasons plastic wristbands may be the right choice for your organization.

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