SecurBand® 7/8" Wristbands SCR Clean-Tab™ Adhesive Closure (500/Pack)

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If your event or venue is still using paper or synthetic adhesive wristbands, then it’s time to rethink your ID options. Consider our all-new SecurBand® wristbands. They’re more affordable, vibrant, and won’t make a mess like regular adhesive-style or paper wristbands, because of their Clean-Tab™ feature. Other adhesive tabs are often littered throughout your venue and can even clog pool filters, but with SecurBand® wristbands, the peel tab stays attached to the band, saving you time, money, and adding to the overall cleanliness of your facility.

SecurBand® wristbands feature a non-transferable tamper-evident adhesive closure for one-time use making them ideal for:

Highly vibrant and easy to see at a distance, SecurBand® wristbands feature a smooth surface that provides a crisp canvas if you’re interested in adding your logo or text for a unique wristband, that helps boost branding and security for your event or venue. Unlike other one-time-use adhesive wristbands, the SecurBand® wristband head is contoured to make it easier to apply and also helps prevent the adhesive from sticking to the skin, enhancing guest comfort.

SecurBand® wristbands are more water-resistant than other one-time-use adhesive wristbands for swimming applications. If you’re looking for a wristband that is waterproof and lasts for multi-days, our plastic and vinyl wristbands are your go-to choice.

If you’re seeking an affordable, simple, and clean wristband for one-time use, SecurBand® wristbands are the perfect choice for your venue or event.