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St. Patrick's Day Wristbands

St. Patrick’s Day is one of the most fun and festive days of the year. For most adults, St. Patrick’s Day means a night out enjoying an adult beverage or two with friends at a bar. For minors, it’s an exciting day to dress up in green (for fear of getting pinched) and enjoy school parties and activities. No matter what type of celebration you may have in mind for your venue or organization, wristbands for St. Patrick's Day can enhance the wearer’s experience and help ensure everything goes smoothly.

Bars and Pubs

As you’re probably aware, St. Patrick’s Day is one of the most popular drinking days of the year. In fact, 13 million pints of Guinness will be imbibed across the world on that day according to USA Today. If you operate a bar or pub, you should consider stocking up on green and gold wristbands in preparation of a busy night. You’re likely to experience larger than normal crowds, especially if the holiday falls on a weekend like in 2018. For faster food and beverage redemption, use pull-off tab wristbands. The pull-off tabs may be used in lieu of cash or credit to speed up transactions for food and drinks.

If you’re serving guests of all ages, it’s important to verify their ages at the front door so you can minimize ordering slowdowns caused by bartenders having to check IDs every time a customer orders a drink. A quick and simple way you can ensure only legal-aged guests are purchasing alcohol is issuing plastic or vinyl wristbands, with one-time locking snaps, as patrons enter your establishment. These types of secure event wristbands help prevent transfer among patrons and ultimately protect your staff from mistakenly serving minors. For additional tips, read our article on preventing underage drinking.


Some schools hold celebrations and have lesson plans for St. Patrick’s Day, as it is a fun and exciting opportunity to teach students history and culture. Often these celebrations may be in the form of field trips to historic sites or museums. To assist in your St. Patrick’s Day planning, wristbands can help ensure children are safe and identified whether they’re in school or on a field trip.

If you’re planning a fun activity for your students, such as a school-wide St. Patrick’s Day parade, you can incorporate wristbands as a way to organize students by class or by grade. Grade school students in particular like holographic wristbands, which are available in festive St. Patrick’s Day colors. You can customize them in shades of green and gold, in addition to imprinting messages like “Happy St. Patrick’s Day” or “#1 Leprechaun.” So if you choose to use plastic wristbands featuring St. Patrick’s Day themed art such as four-leaf clovers and pots of gold, you can make them with our wristband customizer. Just be sure to read our tips for designing your own wristbands.

Whether you are managing a bar, restaurant, or school campus, you’ll want to be prepared for St. Patrick’s Day. Wristbands can help you keep things running smoothly and enhance the experience for everyone. Best of all, most stock and custom wristband styles can be ordered in festive green to help wearers avoid the dreaded pinch.
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