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When you have hundreds or thousands of guests coming through your doors every day, you need all the help you can get to organize the flow of people. Identifying your customers and controlling access to specific amenities, attractions, or areas is a must-have for smooth operations. Thermal wristbands take crowd management to the next level because you can customize and print your own wristbands on-demand.

Thermal wristbands are printed using a direct thermal printer and implementing them into your organization is easier than you may think. The efficiency gains will have you wondering, “Why didn’t we do this sooner?”  Even a small organization can benefit from the many advantages direct thermal solutions deliver, and the affordable startup costs make it completely accessible.

Below, we outline four reasons thermal wristbands make operations easier for all organizations, no matter their size.


1.  Increases Security via Color-Coding Applications

    ScanBand® S direct thermal wristbands are an effective non-transferable identification solution that helps increase security within your facility.  Offered in a wide variety of bright colors, thermal wristbands help visually identify authorized guests.  Provide added security for counterfeit protection by implementing a color-coding system where you can easily interchange wristbands depending on the day, hour, guest type, or access level. 

    Family fun centers, for example, may issue green thermal wristbands for mini-golf access, yellow for trampolines, red for laser tag, blue for bumper boats, etc.  Since businesses are able to print wristbands on-demand and on-site, colors can be changed as often as preferred, to help assure guests are not able to memorize your color system pattern.  Able to be used in both wet and dry environments, direct thermal wristbands are durable and feature a strong waterproof tamper-evident adhesive closure, so they cannot be transferred and shared among guests.


    2.  Enhances Efficiency with Barcoding Solutions

    Direct thermal wristband printers allow venues the opportunity to not only manage access, but enhance efficiency by streamlining the guest admission process. Print unique barcodes, text, logos, and variable data on each wristband to reduce wait times and ticketing.  Barcoding allows your organization to connect guests’ ID wristbands to your point-of-sale (POS system) to speed up cashless payments for items like concessions, towels, or inner tubes.  When used with point-of-sale software, thermal wristbands give the added efficiency advantage of being able to keep track of occupancy levels and help staff gain valuable insight into guests’ preferences and sales.

    For facilities that have timed activities, barcode thermal wristbands can enhance productivity so that keeping track of games or time each guest has left is simple.  If a facility has one hour consecutive slots throughout the day, for example, each time slot purchased can be assigned a different color wristband so staff can easily see which guests should be participating in that activity at a given time.  This is particularly helpful for efficiently managing facilities that have separate areas for different activities, like trampolines, laser tag, and skydiving simulators.


    3.  Optimizes Inventory - Removing the Guesswork

    Thermal wristbands eliminate the need for large volumes of pre-printed wristband inventory. Many businesses have allotted budgets for wristbands, and customizing a large quantity of wristbands before their season or event begins can be risky.  If a venue’s logo or event date changes mid-season, for example, thermal printers and wristbands allow staff the flexibility to change whatever information is on the wristband whenever they need or want to.  Facilities can print the exact number of wristbands they need, so they are not left with leftover inventory.  Customizing and ordering pre-printed wristbands increases the danger that if something important changes, venues are stuck with outdated or incorrect inventory they may have to use up first, before they are able to reorder with the correct information.  Printing thermal wristbands eliminates this risk and gives you the control you need over your wristbands year-round.


    4.  Saves Time & Money by Printing Your Own Wristbands

     Thermal wristbands are printed in a matter of seconds with the information you specify! Reduce delivery time and save money by customizing and printing your own thermal wristbands on-demand and on-site.  Depending on factors like the wristband style and printing features selected, it may take two to three weeks before some custom wristbands are shipped, and they can sometimes be more costly.  Facilities can benefit from the cost-effective direct thermal printer and thermal wristbands by quickly and easily customizing their wristbands how and when they need them, eliminating the longer wait time and increased cost. Custom printing only the number of wristbands needed helps businesses save valuable time and money, and who doesn’t want to save time and money?


    Get More from Your Wristbands with Direct Thermal Solutions

    Don’t settle for visual ID alone.  With readily-available advanced ID technologies like direct thermal, you can use your ID credentials to increase security, efficiency, revenue, save time and money, and improve the guest experience.  Brightly-colored and water-resistant, on-demand printing allows you to customize your wristbands instantly, how and when you need them.  Include your venue’s logo, event and expiration dates, time stamps, custom QR codes for social media integration, and barcodes for admission, and point-of-sale systems.

    PDC is a pioneer and global leader in advanced ID technology.  We can help you get started now so you can reap the rewards this season. 

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