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PDC Wristbands Thermal Printer - PD-B2-20EA1000

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ScanBand® S Direct Thermal Wristbands 1-1/8" Solid Color 7445SL (500/Box)

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ScanBand® S Direct Thermal Wristbands 1" Solid Color Wristbands 7149SL (500/Box)

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ScanBand® S Direct Thermal Wristbands 3/4" Striped Design Wristbands 7122SL (500/Box)

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SecurTab™ ScanBand® Tabless Direct Thermal Wristbands 1-1/8" 7244NT (500/Box)

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Thermal wristbands take crowd management to the next level, because you can print your own customized wristbands in seconds, and on-demand. Designed to be used with our compatible direct thermal printer, implementing thermal wristbands into your organization is easier than you may think, and the efficiency gains will have you wondering, “Why didn’t we do this sooner?” Even a small organization can benefit from the many advantages thermal solutions deliver, and the affordable startup costs make it completely accessible.

Increase Efficiency and Security

Since you can print your own custom thermal wristbands on-demand, and on-site – when and how you need them, your organization is eliminating the need for large volumes of pre-printed wristband inventory. Our BarTender® software and thermal printer, provides you with the flexibility to change any information on your wristbands whenever you need - eliminating unnecessary waste if a logo or date changes. Storing pre-printed wristbands can increase the opportunity for theft, as well.

Provide added security for counterfeit protection by printing logos, unique barcodes, variable data, or implementing color-coding systems on-demand and in seconds. Easily interchange wristbands depending on the day, hour, guest type, or access level. Family fun centers, for example, may issue green thermal wristbands for mini-golf access, red for laser tag, and blue for bumper boats. For venues that have multiple timed activities, printing barcodes on thermal wristbands can enhance productivity so that keeping track of activities or times each guest has left is simple and efficient.

Control Inventory While Saving Time and Money

With thermal wristbands and printers, there’s no need to pay for excess wristbands you may not use, or costly rush custom orders. Easily customize and print only the number of wristbands you need, and avoid paying ongoing artwork fees. You will not only benefit from the long-term savings, but reduce waste as well.

Our thermal wristbands are available in many vibrant colors, sizes, and styles. All feature tamper-evident adhesive closures so they can’t be transferred and shared among guests. Their advanced material construction produces crisp barcode and data imprints that are resilient to both water and fading, making them ideal for amusement and water parks, family entertainment centers, festivals, trampoline parks, sporting events, and more.

NEW Thermal Printer Bundle

We even offer a thermal printer bundle, which includes our thermal printer, BarTender® Ultralite software, and your choice of five (10 rolls) or more boxes of the same color ScanBand® 7445SL thermal wristbands. To top it off, you save 15% when you purchase this comprehensive thermal bundle solution.

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