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When it comes to event wristbands, is your one-stop shop for venues and organizers around the country.

We offer pre-designed and customizable event bracelets that can be used for every kind of event.


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We offer pre-designed and customizable event bracelets for a wide-breadth of events including:

  • Music festivals
  • Fairs
  • Nightclub and bar events
  • Charity and awareness events
  • Parties
  • Corporate conferences

How Can Event Wristbands Benefit Your Venue?

Event wristbands make it possible to:

  • Effectively identify guests
  • Control access
  • Verify the age of your visitors
  • Enable transactions
  • Reinforce your branding (for this purpose we recommend custom wristbands where you can add your own logos, messaging, or artwork)

Tip: If you have event sponsors, custom wristbands are great for sponsorship and advertising opportunities to help cover event costs.

Browse through our categories below and find the ideal wristbands for your event.


Not sure what type of wristband will fit your needs?

We know that sometimes it can be difficult to choose the right event wristbands as the options seem endless.

  • Do I need ¾ or 1 inch wide event armbands?
  • Should the event entry wristband be made of plastic, vinyl, or woven material?
  • What’s the best wristband for a multi-day event?

We’ve prepared a brief overview of the most popular event wristband types, each with its own unique characteristics and benefits.

From eco-friendly to waterproof – which armband will be the highlight at your next event?


Short-Term Use Event Wristbands

Tyvek® event wristbands are designed for short-term use and utilize adhesive closures that show signs of tampering. If your event will only last a day, Tyvek® bracelets are the ultimate cost-effective solution.


Multi-Day Event Wristbands

Secure and comfortable, custom plastic event wristbands hold up to more wear and are ideal if you have a multi-day event such as a weekend festival. Our plastic event wristbands feature secure, one-time use plastic snap closures instead of adhesive.


Long-Lasting & Vibrant Event Wristbands

Thicker than plastic and Tyvek® bands due to tri-laminate construction, vinyl event wristbands can last for long periods of wear. They are perfect if your guests need to keep their wristbands on for a week or more, and feature secure, one-time use snap closures.


High-Security Event Wristbands

Cloth wristbands are perfect for high-security and branding events. They are characterized by plastic ring closures and commonly used at music festivals since they are eye-catching and can be worn for very long periods.


Full-Color Event Wristbands

If you’re looking to level up your branding, SureImage® custom full-color wristbands are the perfect solution for your event. These wristbands provide endless customization capabilities and their vibrant, photo-quality printing makes these bands ideas for high-impact branding.


Event Wristbands for Charity Events

Promotional woven wristbands made of durable nylon, polyester, or cotton fabrics are especially popular at charities and fundraisers.


Durable Event Wristbands

At, we carry silicone armbands in various modern designs, suitable for children as well as adults. They are extremely durable (can be worn for months or even years on end) and comfortable to wear.


Waterproof Event Wristbands

Our highly-visible waterproof event wristbands are a great option if you’re organizing music festivals, water sports competitions, or managing swimming pools, spas, hotels or resorts.
The waterproof entry bands are made of either plastic or vinyl, and non-transferable due to one-time-use plastic locking snaps.


Eco-Friendly Event Wristbands

Go eco-friendly at your next event by ordering at To improve the visitor experience, you can opt for the soft, antibacterial bamboo wristbands.

However, if you want to follow stricter safety requirements and enhance the customer experience while promoting your brand, eco-friendly RFID event wristbands made of bamboo or recycled PET are the better option.


FAQ: Event Wristbands

How do you loosen or remove Event Wristbands?

Whether an event armband can be loosened or removed depends on its closure type.

Keep in mind that once you secure Tyvek®, plastic, viny., and some fabric event wristbands, you can’t loosen them. The only way to remove such bracelets from your wrist is by cutting them.

On the other hand, some event armbands made of reusable fabric have no closure, making it possible to remove or readjust them whenever you want.


What are Event Wristbands made of?

The event wristbands in our online shop are made of various high-quality materials, for example plastic, vinyl, woven fabric, recycled PET, bamboo, etc.


What are the Rubber Bracelets called?

The rubber bracelets are most commonly called silicone wristbands. However, sometimes you might also encounter the terms gel or jelly bracelets.


Are Festival Wristbands waterproof?

While a plastic and vinyl event entry band is waterproof, Tyvek® wristbands are water-resistant.

To avoid confusion, by waterproof we mean that the event wristband is completely impervious to water, while water-resistant connotes that the material repels water to a certain degree.