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Venues of every variety rely on PDC wristbands to help identify their guests and control access. From general admission and VIP passes, to branding and contests, PDC wristbands serve as highly-visible tickets worn by your guests.

Whether you're looking for party wristbands, carnival wristbands, or nightclub wristbands, you'll be able to find what you need. Customize your wristbands to fit your exact needs or go with an attractive, pre-printed option if you're in a crunch for time. Either way you go, our event bracelets will add an extra touch to whatever event you have planned.

Check out the many uses of PDC wristbands. Choose your venue type to get started.

Benefits of PDC Wristbands

  • On-person identification and no ticket to lose.
  • Non-transferable identification.
  • Bright colors are highly visible.
  • Staff can easily see wristbands, no need for them to re-check ID.
  • Turn your wristband into a promotional tool by custom printing your logo or message.
  • Kids love them (fun, bright colors and patterns).
  • Choice of materials to suit your needs: Tyvek® (very economical), plastic (lightweight, waterproof), and vinyl (heavyweight, durable, waterproof).
  • PDC offers pre-printed wristband designs that are rich in color so guests are easily identified. Other wristband companies sell pre-printed Tyvek® wristbands that have only a single color imprint on a white wristband. This makes it difficult to distinguish one imprint from another when viewed from a distance. But PDC's pre-printed wristbands feature full-color imprints on colored wristbands, making the bands highly-visible from a distance.