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PDC Wristbands Thermal Printer - PD-B2-20EA1000

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ScanBand® S Direct Thermal Wristbands 1-1/8" Solid Color 7445SL (500/Box)

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ScanBand® S Direct Thermal Wristbands 1" Solid Color Wristbands 7149SL (500/Box)

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SuperBand® Plastic Wristbands 1/2" 460P Snap Closure (500/Box)

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Tytan-Band® 3/4" Tyvek Wristbands NTS Adhesive Closure (500/Pack)

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QUICK SHIP SecurBand® Custom Wristbands 7/8" Clean-Tab™ SCR (500/Pack) Ships in 1-2 Days


SecurBand® 7/8" Wristbands SCR Clean-Tab™ Adhesive Closure (500/Pack)

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Tytan-Band® 1" Tyvek Wristbands TYS Adhesive Closure (500/Pack)

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Tytan-Band® Expressions Tyvek Wristbands 3/4" Happy Faces Design NTX51 (500/Pack)

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Tytan-Band® Expressions Tyvek Wristbands 3/4" Star Explosion Design NTX91 (500/Pack)

$29.83 from $29.83

Tytan-Band® Expressions Tyvek Wristbands 3/4" Visitor Design NTX115 - Yellow (500/Pack)

$29.83 $17.90

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Non-transferable durable wristbands are perfect for:

  • school and university campuses
  • locker rooms and gyms
  • activities like sports games, dances, field trips, and graduation ceremonies
  • clubs or organizations like fraternities and sororities
  • raising money for fundraising events

Students, staff, and volunteer’s safety is top of mind for schools and universities. Our wristbands and ID holders help increase security and control access onto campus facilities, as well as monitor entrance into school events, or special areas like gyms or locker rooms.

Tamper-proof and secure, our Tyvek® wristbands are perfect for keeping track of younger children during school field trips, and are available in a variety of bright solid colors and fun pre-printed designs. If you want to enhance security, consider our thermal printer and wristbands. They allow you to customize your own wristbands in seconds on-site, and can be used to include the student's name, school name, and emergency contact information should an emergency arise.

For high school and college students, design your own wristbands to manage access into sports games, dances, or club parties. Add your school's logo, event name, and date to not only control access but boost your school's branding and increase the school spirit. For clubs doing fundraising or holding special awareness events, our custom silicone wristbands are ideal because they are stylish and rewearable. Some of our popular awareness wristbands include:

We also carry a wide variety of school and university ID holders for students, staff, and volunteers, including lanyards, ID badge holders, and ID badge reels. These help students and staff display their school ID credentials or gym pass, and increase its functionality and lifespan. Consider easily customizing your school and university lanyards with a mascot, logo, or text to increase visibility and school spirit.

Identify students, employees, and visitors with printable PVC cards. Our high-resolution and reliable Magicard card printers help you design and print student and staff ID cards, and gym membership cards. Prevent counterfeiting with built-in security features like patented Holokote® visual security watermarks.

Read more for helpful tips in our article below:

3 Simple Ways Wristbands Improve Child Safety