RFID Applications

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Access Control

From general admission, to VIP, staff, and artists, PDC Smart® wristbands and RFID enables streamlined, secure park and festival access control

Cashless Point-of-Sale

Transform your park or festival into a cashless environment by providing secure cashless payment transactions with PDC Smart® Band wristbands

Keyless Doors & Lockers

PDC Smart® wristbands multi-task as the main access device for lockers, hotel rooms, & VIP areas

PDC Smart® Wristband Kiosks

Specifically designed for PDC Smart® wristband systems, the PDC Smart® kiosks enable guests to purchase admissions, concessions, rental items, and reload funds directly to their wristband

Season Pass, Customer Loyalty, & VIP Programs

Keep your VIP guests happy and help improve retention and loyalty with customized season pass, customer loyalty, and VIP programs

Social Media & Data Metrics

PDC Smart® wristbands capture powerful guest data and increase sponsorship revenue
through social media applications

"PDC's Smart Band® RFID Wristband System has helped us provide convenience and efficiencies to our guests that truly distinguish our resorts as innovators in the travel and destination industry"

Rajiv Castellino - CIO, Great Wolf Resorts

"With a quick scan of the band, the self-service benefits of Smart Band® system empower our guests to make instant transactions, which result in quicker sales, shorter lines, and happier customers who look forward to coming back"

Jack McClure - Vice President and General Manager of Dorney Park

"PDC Smart Band® RFID Wristband System has helped us boost guest satisfaction and provide a 'wow factor' that separates us from other resorts in the area. The bright and eye-catching custom design we chose for the wristbands provide us with free advertising, as our guests often leave the resort during their vacation to visit the beach, local attractions, and to shop"

Owen Perry - Co-owner and President of Villa Group

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