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Colorful Valentine's Day Wristbands

Valentine’s Day is one of the busiest nights of the year for restaurants and bars, and staff may become overwhelmed if their facility is not sufficiently prepared for the inevitable rush. To help keep things running smoothly, some restaurants and organizations use Valentine’s Day wristbands, such as pink or red silicone wristbands with their logo or name imprinted onto the surface. Here’s how different organizations and establishments can incorporate Valentine’s Day wristbands.


Bars, Restaurants & Nightclubs

Valentine’s Day is one of the most popular days to dine out during the year, and it is likely going to be a crowded evening. If alcohol is going to be served, age verification wristbands are a great tool to streamline operations. Bright pink and red over-21 wristbands in particular tie perfectly into the Valentine’s Day color scheme. If you are looking for fun wristbands that sparkle under any type of lighting, custom holographic wristbands are available in a variety of glittery Valentine’s Day colors as well.

Our wristband customizer makes it easy to design your very own personalized Valentine’s Day patron ID bands. You can print your own custom messages, such as “Valentine’s Day Soiree 2018,” on the wristbands for your bar, restaurant, or nightclub. They can serve as a special Valentine’s Day keepsake  for your guests well after the day has passed.



Schools may find wristbands helpful if they are going to be hosting a Valentine’s Day dance. During the day, some elementary schools have Valentine’s Day celebrations and activities for their students, so faculty may want to purchase wristbands to keep count of children and verify the ID of adult volunteers. Silicone wristbands in particular are popular amongst students, since they can hold onto them as keepsakes. You can custom print line art such as hearts onto the surface of silicone wristbands, and use silkscreen or color-fill to add a personalized message such as, “High School Valentine’s Dance 2018.”



Offices and businesses sometimes put a basket of Valentine’s Day candies or other freebies out for customers to take. But instead of handing out candies like so many other businesses, you can hand out custom wristbands with Valentine’s Day messages. You can easily fit short phrases like, “Happy Valentine’s Day from Dr. Smith.” Unlike candy, which is quickly forgotten after consumption, your wristbands can be worn for months on end. They serve as an excellent advertisement and conversation starter, and people will be able to remember your business because of your colorful Valentine’s Day wristbands.


Fundraising & Awareness Campaigns

Wristbands are also great for non-profit organizations looking to raise funds or spread awareness. For example, if you are raising funds for a heart disease fundraising campaign, you can tie in Valentine’s Day because it is commonly associated with hearts. You can use custom messages like, “Putting an End to Heart Disease,” or “Heart Disease Prevention.”  Silicone wristbands are ideal for fundraising and awareness campaigns because not only can they be removed and worn over and over, they are extremely fashionable and popular.

Some of the most popular fundraising campaigns in history have used wristbands to raise awareness and funds. People will also enjoy wearing their wristband because others may ask them what they are and it will give the wearer an opportunity to explain your organization.


Religious Organizations

Congregations hosting Valentine’s Day events should use wristbands to help keep events organized, keep track of attendees, manage food and beverages, and hand out as prizes. It may be fun to host a Valentine’s Day fair with an assortment of games and booths. You can order custom wristbands in Valentine’s Day colors with your organization’s name printed on the surface of the wristband. They will add some lighthearted fun to your event and give it a professional touch. Your congregation will be able to look back at their keepsake silicone wristbands from Valentine’s Day and have fond memories of your event.

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