NextLife™ Fully-Compostable Breakaway 5/8” Lanyard (100/Pack)


NextLife™ Fully-Compostable Rigid Multi-Card Badge Holder (50/Pack)


3/8" Bamboo Lanyard (100/Pack)


5/8" Bamboo Lanyard (100/Pack)


3/8" Recycled PET Lanyard (100/Pack)


5/8" Recycled PET Lanyard (100/Pack)

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EVA Earth-Friendly Flexible Badge Holder

from $0.56

DOP-Free Earth-Friendly Flexible Badge Holder, Credit Card Size


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Increase sustainability and security at your event or organization with eco-friendly ID accessories. Today’s consumers demand sustainable options from the brands they choose. PDC is proud to introduce several earth-friendly ID holders, including a breakthrough in sustainable ID products – our new NextLife™ fully-compostable product line. Unlike similar brands, all components of our NextLife™ product line (lanyard, attachment, and badge holder) are fully-compostable in industrial and municipal composting facilities.

NextLife™ lanyards make the ideal eco-friendly ID carrying solution.

  • Made of soft and comfortable organic cotton material
  • Fully-compostable "no twist" organic hook keeps your ID facing forward
  • Features a fully-compostable organic safety breakway that detaches under pressure
  • Ideal for attaching to slot punched ID cards or NextLife™ badge holders

Pair NextLife™ lanyards with our NextLife™ fully-compostable rigid organic badge holders for the perfect eco-friendly solution.

  • Features two slots that allow holder to be worn either horizontally or vertically
  • Open-faced keeps cards from bending and cracking
  • Locking tab for secure fit and easy removal
  • Holds up to 2 standard/credit size cards - 1 on each side

PDC also offers sustainable ID lanyards made of soft and comfortable bamboo and recycled PET material. They feature a safety breakaway tab and wide plastic hook end fitting that ensures your ID card or credential will stay facing forward at all times.

Sustainably protect your ID credentials with flexible earth friendly badge holders that feature DOP-free, or BPA and Phthalates-free materials. Our durable EVA Earth-Friendly badge holders feature slot and chain holes to make attaching to any badge reel, lanyard, or strap clip easy. They feature an anti-print technology that ensures the imprint for your ID badge or credential will not stick to the holder.

Discover a more eco-friendly way to identify people and promote your brand at your festival, venue, or organization. Contact us today to customize your lanyard or badge holder with your logo or message for a more professional and personal touch.