QUICK SHIP SecurBand® Custom Wristbands 7/8" Clean-Tab™ SCR (500/Pack) Ships in 1-2 Days


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Custom SecurBand® wristbands feature a smooth, bright material that provides a crisp canvas for adding your logo and text, to help promote your brand and add an extra layer of security for your event or venue. You may even want to consider designing your wristbands with sponsors’ logos to generate additional revenue.

Similar to our stock SecurBand® wristbands, our custom SecurBand® wristbands feature a non-transferable tamper-evident adhesive closure for one-time use making them ideal for:

If your event or venue is still using paper or synthetic wristbands, then it’s time to rethink your ID options. Consider our all-new custom SecurBand® wristbands. They’re more affordable, vibrant, and won’t make a mess like regular adhesive-style or paper wristbands, because of their Clean-Tab™ feature. Other adhesive tabs are often littered throughout your venue and can even clog pool filters, but with custom SecurBand® wristbands, the peel tab stays attached to the band, saving you time, money, and adding to the overall cleanliness of your facility.

Unlike other one-time-use adhesive wristbands, the SecurBand® wristband head is contoured to make it easier to apply and also helps prevent the adhesive from sticking to the skin, enhancing guest comfort. Custom SecurBand® wristbands are also more water-resistant than other one-time-use adhesive wristbands for swimming applications. However, if you’re looking for a wristband that is waterproof and lasts for multi-days, our custom plastic and custom vinyl wristbands are the ideal choice.

If you’re seeking an affordable, simple, and clean wristband for one-time use, custom SecurBand® wristbands are the perfect choice for your venue or event.