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There are many different types of wristbands to choose from at your venue, or when planning your next event.  While each wristband material has its advantages, plastic wristbands are a superior choice when you're looking for a strong, water-resistant wristband that can't be transferred and can last multi-days.  Below we highlight 4 reasons plastic wristbands may be the right choice for your organization.

1.  When Security Matters

Plastic wristbands provide a high level of security for your venue and events.  The strong, locking SecurSnap® plastic snap can't be transferred and is designed for one-time use.  Plastic wristbands are able to withstand even the harshest tugging, and must be cut in order to remove the wristband; making tampering obvious to staff, and eliminating gatecrashers from your venue.


2.  Durability & Strength Withstands Multi-Day Use

When you need a strong and durable wristband that can last multiple days, plastic wristbands are for you.  Made of a light-weight, comfortable, water-resistant tri-laminate material, these wristbands are perfect for events that last longer than one day.  An excellent option for waterparks, amusement parks, and all-inclusive resorts, your guests will not have to worry about their wristbands easily tearing off, because plastic wristbands stay secure on the wrist for as long as needed.


3.  Never Fear the Water

Durable water-resistant material means plastic wristbands hold up better than many other materials against moisture and water.  This makes them the ultimate choice for waterparks, swimming pools, resorts, and multi-day events that involve water.  Choose from numerous vibrant colors to color-code and categorize children's swimming ability or access to different parts of the pool, for example.


4.  Boost Your Brand with Custom, Full-Color Printing

Choose SureImageⓇ plastic wristbands if you're looking to create unique wristbands with custom full-color options.  Vibrant, photo-quality printing allows you to showcase your brand with maximum style.  Ideal for high-impact branding and generating sponsorship revenue.  Not only are these wristbands sure to become guests' mementos, but SureImageⓇ full-color plastic wristbands act as "mini billboards" on your guests' wrists throughout their stay.


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