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As sporting teams start practicing for their big season, it’s a good time to start taking inventory of new ways that can help your sporting event run smoother, so you can ensure a successful season.  Using wristbands helps ensure your season goes seamlessly and without hitches, by improving staff identification and access control as well as guest access to premium seating.  To see the many benefits wristbands provide for the spring athletic season, read on.


Improve Staff Access Control and Identification

Wristbands help security track attendance as well as identify guests from staff.  Many stadiums and sporting venues have a large number of staff and volunteers working events, so it can be difficult at times to distinguish staff from guests.  One effective way to help identify authorized staff and volunteers from patrons is by utilizing staff wristbands for all stadium vendor and custodial staff. 

Our Tyvek Staff wristband is bright red, features the word “Staff” prominently on the band, and is tamper-proof so they can’t be transferred to non-staff members.  Wristbands not only are helpful for improving identification, but also aid in safety, as it signals to security that staff is authorized to be in a designated area.  For more read our article on customizing staff wristbands, and see how they can benefit your sporting event. 


Patron Access to Premium Seating

If you want to prevent gatecrashers from sneaking into premium and luxury box seating areas, consider using wristbands to differentiate patrons with different access levels.  Issuing different wristbands for specific seating or even all-you-can-eat levels can help ensure patrons are properly seated in their purchased access level, as well as streamline the seating process thereby increasing staff efficiency.  For instance, you may want to issue plastic VIP wristbands to patrons in premium or luxury box seating areas, as they provide the highest level of security since they are non-transferable and feature a secure, one-time locking closure that cannot be opened once applied. 

Many stadiums also find it especially helpful to assign a specific color wristband to each access level and then rotate the colors weekly so patrons can’t anticipate what each color means before attending the game.  For an added layer of security, you may want to customize your wristbands with access level, team colors, or a specific logo.  Interested in your own wristbands?  Read our 5 tips on customizing wristbands for your next sporting event.


Food and Beverage Redemption

Wristbands are also extremely helpful for easy food and beverage redemption.  Our line of Wrist-Rider® Wristicket® vinyl wristbands features 3, 4, or 5 tear-off tabs that can be redeemed for snacks and drinks.  You can charge patrons per tab or per wristband as a way to regulate consumption and eliminate the need for tickets which can easily be lost.  Since sporting games can already get rowdy without alcohol involved, controlling consumption by allowing guests no more than 3 beverages is a great way to reduce unnecessary fights or loud, unwanted behavior that can distract the players and nearby patrons.  Not only do wristbands help regulate consumption, they also speed up purchases at any point-of-sale transaction, and ultimately help reduce lines for concessions.


Age Verification

Since crowds at sporting games vary in age, and alcohol is oftentimes served, many underage patrons may have access to alcohol which can be challenging to efficiently enforce.  Wristbands help guarantee that guests are of legal drinking age by having security check identification at the gate and affixing an Over 21 wristband to the patron’s wrist.  This way, the staff and security only have to quickly glance at the guest’s wrist before they purchase an alcoholic beverage and instantly know that their age was verified at the entrance.  Wristbands not only assist with age verification, but also speed up drink lines so that guests can get back to enjoying the game.

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