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Get non-transferable, durable sports stadium and arena wristbands to help keep your guests and staff safe and elevate the fan experience. Wristbands are perfect for professional, collegiate, and amateur sporting events, like:

  • football games
  • baseball games
  • basketball games
  • soccer games
  • car racing

Stadiums and sporting venues have a large number of staff and volunteers working events, so it can be difficult to distinguish staff from guests. Wristbands are an effective way to help identify authorized staff and volunteers from fans. Durable and highly-visible plastic and woven wristbands provide high levels of security since they are non-transferable and feature a one-time locking closure that cannot be opened once applied. Plastic VIP and woven VIP wristbands are ideal for differentiating fans with different access levels (i.e. premium and luxury box seating areas).

Since we offer a wide breadth of highly-visible wristband colors, consider assigning a specific color wristband to each event or access level and then rotate the colors weekly. For an added layer of security and promote your event or sponsors, customize your wristbands with access level, team colors, or a team logo. Read our 5 tips on customizing your wristbands for your next sporting event.

Wrist-Rider® Wristicket® wristbands are also great for sporting events, because they feature multiple tear off tabs that can be used to redeem snacks, drinks, and merchandise. Check out our blog article about the top 3 redeeming qualities Wrist-Rider® Wristicket® wristbands provide.

Looking to bring your sporting event to the next level? Check out our RFID wristbands to create a cashless and contactless guest experience that enhance guest spend and speed up concession lines, so guests can get back to enjoying the game.

If you’re looking for ways to help display and protect staff and vendor ID cards, check out our wide range of durable ID Holders. Our lanyards, badge holders, and badge reels offer quick and easy identification and boosts security at your sporting event. Consider customizing your lanyards with a logo, sporting event name, or text for enhanced branding and an added personal touch.

Print high-resolution staff and vendor ID cards, or guest season pass or VIP credentials with ease with our Magicard card printers. Featuring built-in-high- security features, our Magicard printers feature Holokote®, a patented visual security watermark that makes it virtually impossible to counterfeit ID cards.

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