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Music Festivals are a fun form of entertainment that can attract a large number of people.  One way to manage crowds is with RFID wristbands. The advantages of festival RFID wristbands are endless. Not only can you heighten security and manage access control, but you can also boost brand awareness and sales as well.

Wristbands are an Excellent Solution for Preventing Counterfeits

Preventing counterfeits is one way to tighten security.  With today's technology, standard ticket stubs can easily be replicated and sold outside the venue by traders.  This robs the venue and promoter of potential profits, as well as causes confusion and irritation among guests.

When a guest arrives at the venue and presents a concert ticket at the entrance, security scans the barcode on the ticket to ensure authenticity.  The scanned ticket is replaced with a festival wristband and the ticket stub is removed to prevent anyone from re-using the ticket.

The RFID wristband is securely affixed to the guest's wrist, and if the guest needs to step outside the venue for any reason, the wristband is the guest's only means of re-entry into the venue.  Once a wristband is attached to the guests’ wrists, it cannot be removed and re-attached.  Most festival RFID wristbands are non-transferable and are designed for one-time use only, unless you're interested in using them for multi-days.

Want to Add an Extra Layer of Security?  Customize!

Customize festival wristbands with a special logo, image, or message.  Anyone can go to a party store and purchase standard wristbands with the idea that they can outsmart the system.   However, RFID wristbands are almost impossible to counterfeit due to their special programmed tag located inside the wristband.  Wristbands branded with logos of the promoter, sponsors, or both, help venue staff easily identify counterfeits. 

Beyond security, you can boost your brand and build customer loyalty by customizing wristbands with promoter or sponsor logos.  Over the years, it’s become popular to wear custom wristbands for days, or even months after a concert.  For this reason, wristbands transform guests’ wrists into a mini billboard, which is a highly effective advertising tool and conversation-starter.

QR codes are also a fun and effective way to customize festival wristbands. When scanned with a phone, the code can link guests to social media platforms, which quickly advertise your concert, venue, or sponsor, and help you to stay connected with your guests after your event.

RFID Wristbands Help Boost Sales

One way to boost sales is to speed up lines at concession stands. This can be accomplished by implementing cashless paymentsRFID wristbands can increase efficiency and guest spending by allowing them to make point-of-sale purchases.  Instead of paying for purchases with cash or cards, guests are able to make purchases with a quick scan of their wristband.


As affordable as wristbands are, partnering with corporate sponsors and printing their logos on your wristbands can pay for the entire cost of the wristbands, and even generate surplus revenue.  Curious what other benefits RFID wristbands offer?  See our article sharing the top 6 benefits for festivals to find out more.


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