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Wristbands offer an abundance of unique and valuable benefits; from heightening security and preventing counterfeits to managing crowds and identifying patrons, chances are you’ve utilized one of the many advantages wristbands offer.   Perhaps, one of wristband’s most advantageous benefits, however, is their innate advertising properties.  Custom wristbands act as “mini walking billboards,” worn by your patrons, making them ideal for boosting and promoting your company, event, or brand.  We will shed some light on why using wristbands for branding is vital, and highlight the longest-lasting wristbands for branding and advertising opportunities.


What Businesses Benefit?

According to an internal survey of PDC management users from bars & clubs, promoting and advertising their business is an essential priority.  Whether you are hosting a bar promotion, charity fundraiser, holiday event, or live music, custom wristbands can significantly enhance your branding and advertising opportunities. 

Bars & Clubs Branding


Of course bars and clubs aren’t the only type of business that benefit from the branding and advertising properties wristbands offer.  Just about any event or venue, be it a sporting or company event, water or amusement park, resort, or music festival can use wristbands to reinforce their branding and message.


Why Advertise on Wristbands?

A large variety of wristbands are easily customizable with your company, brand, or venue’s image, logo, or website.  Patrons wearing your wristbands are transformed into “mini billboards” not only during the event or stay at your resort or theme park, but oftentimes well after.  Many keep their wristbands as souvenirs or for bragging rights, and countless others keep their wristbands on for days, weeks, and even months after the event, making them walking advertisements everywhere they go.  This creates an opportunity for guests to share their great experiences with friends, family, and even strangers; boosting your brand awareness and possibly even attendance for future events.


What are the Best Wristband Materials for Branding?

With so many different wristband materials available, how do you know which will work best for your needs?   Since we are focusing on branding and advertising, we highly recommend the longer- lasting durable wristbands, like custom plastic, custom vinyl, and custom woven wristbands.


Plastic Wristbands

Plastic Wristbands

Our custom plastic wristbands are offered in a variety of options, such as width, color, closure type, and finish, and allow you to add your own unique messaging and branding.  PDC’s SureImage® plastic wristbands are ideal for high-impact branding and generating sponsorship revenue.  Its vibrant, photo-quality printing allows you to advertise your brand with maximum style, and is sure to be a guest favorite.  Another popular plastic wristband is our SuperBand® line, which allows up to 2-color imprint, full-length and backside custom printing.  It is the perfect solution when you need a strong, high-security wristband that is non-transferable and water-resistant.  Plastic wristbands are an excellent choice for multi-day use in water parks, hotels and resorts, amusement parks, and even for non-profit organizations who want to prominently display their logo, brand, artwork, or cause on their wristbands.


Vinyl Wristbands

Vinyl Wristbands

Like PDC’s plastic wristbands, our custom vinyl wristbands are available in different colors, widths, styles, clasp closures, and offer full-length and backside printing so you can easily add your brand or venue’s logo or message.  Several of our vinyl wristbands even allow up to 3-spot color printing, like our VSP and VSG models.  Wow your guests with the bold, vibrant, translucent look of custom ClearImage® vinyl wristbands.  Vinyl wristbands are popular among theme parks, hotels and resorts, and fairs, and are sure to be a hit among guests due to their unbeatable strength and security, durability, and comfort. 


Woven Wristbands

Woven Wristband

Some of the most eye-catching wristbands are customized woven wristbands.  They can be custom- weaved with your own design and text in up to 8 pantone-matching spot colors, and offer a variety of closures, from high-security to reusable.  Made from soft fabric, PDC’s woven wristbands are comfortable to wear and one-size-fits-all, so you don’t have to worry about sizing.  They are a fashionable choice among festivals and theme parks, and often kept on by guests as souvenirs long after the event has ended. 


With a number of custom wristbands to choose from, PDC’s wristbands are a great way to support high-impact branding for your business, brand, or venue.  Not sure how to design your custom wristbands?  Read our top five tips on how to customize wristbands for your next event.



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