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There are many fun events during fall, such as Halloween parties, trick-or-treating, visiting the pumpkin patch, hay rides, corn mazes and dozens more. If you are planning any type of fall event, wristbands can help you keep track of admissions, verify age, identify different types of guests, and a variety of other helpful uses. You can find wristbands made from an assortment of different materials – from lightweight Tyvek® wristbands and trendy silicone wristbands – to durable vinyl wristbands and long-lasting plastic wristbands. Our glow in the dark vinyl wristbands are a safe way to keep kids in sight while trick-or-treating or attending nighttime fall events such as harvest festivals, haunted houses, bon fires and school dances.

PDC offers Halloween wristbands made from sturdy Tyvek®, which work perfectly for single-day or one-night events. Tyvek® wristbands feature an adhesive closure that shred if tampered with, to prevent transferring among guests and to deter unpaid attendees from trying to sneak into your event or party crash. We sell stock Halloween Tyvek® wristbands in a variety of designs. Halloween-themed wristbands will add a festive touch to your spooky event and will help attendees get into the Halloween spirit.


Halloween Wristbands


Glow in the dark vinyl wristbands are bright and highly-visible, staying illuminated for hours, giving parents peace of mind that their children are safe and in-sight while they are trick-or-treating around the neighborhood. Parents can stand back while their kids go up to houses, and easily be able to identify their child because of their glow in the dark wristband. Simply expose the wristband to an artificial light for five-to-thirty minutes and enjoy a brightly-lit wristband that will glow in the dark for up to eight hours! They are more convenient than glow sticks because they are not bulky and are conveniently secured on the wrist. These glowing wristbands feature a one-time locking plastic snap so they will not fall off.




Adults also like to have fun on Halloween and will often host parties, go to bars and nightclubs that are having fun costume parties, or go out to a street parade in their community to enjoy the festivities. Wristbands are a vital tool for quick and easy age verification, beverage redemption, raffles, access control, and more. You can purchase brightly-colored age-verification wristbands from PDC, so your bartenders can easily spot underage guests and know not to serve them alcoholic beverages at your Halloween costume party. We carry wristbands that feature the messages, “Over 21,” or “Under 21” imprinted onto the wristbands surface so your bartenders do not have to check identification every time a patron wants to buy a drink at the bar. 

Access control is one of the top reasons people buy wristbands.  If your Halloween or fall event is outdoors and fairly open – such as a hay ride, corn maze, pumpkin patch, or haunted house – it may be hard to keep track of paid and unpaid guests, unless you have brightly-colored wristbands for your paid guests. To make your fall event even more special, you can customize numerous wristbands PDC offers.  Add a unique touch of style, as well as use as a sponsorship or advertising opportunity, by adding your event name and date, logo, art, and so much more onto your wristband.  The customization options are nearly endless!  Help make your events successful and stand out this fall with wristbands from PDC.

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