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If you have been to a music festival or theme park in the past few years, you may have had to wear a customized wristband that seems as if it has a chip inside. Those chips are actually RFID tags and to planners and organizers of events, both large and small, they represent the next generation of access control and patron management. We outline several benefits of RFID wristbands to both patrons and organizers below.

Faster Access for Attendees (Streamline Operations)

One advantage of RFID wristbands for both guests and staff alike is speeding up wait times and shortening lines for admissions and attractions. With radio-frequency identification (RFID) enabled entry portals for instance, attendees don’t need to fumble to find their tickets and instead, just need to scan their wristbands. This in turn reduces the amount of staff resources required. In addition, if the wristbands are linked to a database that stores a photo ID of the guest, it can speed up photo ID checks at the front gate.

Enhances Security

RFID wristbands are non-transferable, secure, and can prevent unauthorized use or access. A lost or stolen ticket can still be used, but a compromised RFID wristband can be deactivated when the account linked to it is flagged. A guest just needs to inform staff that their wristband has been lost or stolen.

Increased Attendee Engagement and Cashless Sales

RFID improves the purchasing experience for the patron by reducing transaction time and chances of fraud associated with cash handling. For management, that means more transactions and increased revenue in addition to more satisfied customers.

Assists Staff

Thanks to streamlined operations at RFID-enabled access points and POS, the need for more staff is also decreased. For small events, this can be an advantage since there may be fewer resources in general. RFID wristbands can also be used by staff to allow more secure electronic access to special areas such as backstage, kitchen, and more.

Social Media Integration

One benefit of RFID wristbands for guests is the ability to share their event experience on social media. This in turn can increase your brand exposure and provide viral marketing opportunities. When a guest links their social media profile to their RFID wristband, they can be automatically checked in or tagged in photos.

Instant Customer Insight

Once you have equipment such as RFID enable portals and RFID readers at points of sale in place, you can reap the rewards of getting instant customer data and insight. If you’re noticing customers favoring a particular item at concession stands for instance, you can adjust inventory accordingly.


Though RFID offers many benefits, effective project management is vital to successful integration. An experienced integrator such as PDC uses best practices to guide system installation from development to execution. Everything from vendor management, on-site installation supervision, staff training, and on-going services and support goes into ensuring an efficient and functional RFID wristband solution.

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