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Funtown Splashtown USA, a renowned family-owned amusement and waterpark in Saco, Maine, has trusted PDC’s vinyl wristbands to control admissions for over twenty years!  With thousands of guests entering the two parks daily, the high-quality and wide variety of color options offered by PDC’s vinyl wristband lineup is the perfect solution for controlling admissions and managing crowd control.  The park rotates between fifteen different colors weekly, to help staff visually identify authorized guests.  The brightly-colored assortment of vinyl wristbands are a hit among guests as well.

“The guests love the quality and color variety of wristbands, especially the kids,” said Ed Hodgdon, responsible for the park’s group sales and marketing.  “Kids love collecting the different color wristbands, to show off their fun memories with family and friends.”

Vinyl wristbands from PDC are vital to Funtown Splashtown’s everyday operations; therefore, quality is a huge factor.  They tried a competitive product once, with overwhelming disappointment.   Hodgdon commented that they quickly came back to PDC after finding that the quality of competitors’ wristbands failed to meet their security requirements; breaking when pulled.  Hodgdon also expressed that the service offered by his sales representatives at PDC is phenomenal, and makes reordering his custom wristbands a breeze!

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