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Top Five Reasons to Use Bar Wristbands

In a packed bar or nightclub, wait staff and bartenders often barely have time to breathe. Keeping up with the constant influx of orders is enough of a challenge without having to worry about checking IDs for every guest. One option to better streamline ID checks is implementing bar wristbands. Using wristbands can speed up the drinks ordering process and increase wait staff productivity. To see how, read on below.

Age Verification

When security checks identification at the door and fastens a wristband to the patron's wrist, it saves time for servers and bartenders. Staff can just look at a patron’s wrist when she or he places a drink order and instantly know that their age was verified at the door. When wait staff and bartenders are able to do their jobs more efficiently, service gets better. As wait times to order drinks and food at the bar are reduced—perhaps even eliminated—guests have a more enjoyable experience with fewer inconveniences.

Increase Staff Efficiency

By streamlining operations, customer satisfaction and sales both get a big boost. Guests do not need to dig through their wallet or purse for their ID every time they order a drink, and bartenders can get to the next person in line faster. Less time spent waiting to order, may mean more orders placed and even a boost in revenue.

Streamline Entrances and Exits

You can make it easier for guests to exit and reenter the premises by using wristbands as identifiers. Allow wristband wearers to bypass security checks so that they can leave the establishment and return with no hassles. If a line has formed since the guest left, he or she can head straight to the front of the line, quickly flash their bar wristband to security, and then walk back inside.

Improve Access Control and Identify Staff

Wristbands help security staff ensure that guests do not roam into restricted areas, like the kitchen, control room, or backstage. They can also assist in managing performers and talent. Bars and nightclubs are always bringing in live music, so giving artists and crew special identification wristbands allow security staff to differentiate them from guests. The wristbands can be a different color and may even be custom printed with identifying text, such as “Crew” or “Performer.” Staff can keep patrons out of the stage and backstage areas to help ensure safety of the musicians and their crew. Additionally, you can provide staff wristbands to your employees so that both guests and visiting performers know who to go to for assistance. For more information on staff wristbands, read our article on how they can benefit your establishment.

Prevent Gatecrashers

If you want to stop gatecrashers and counterfeiters from sneaking in, consider customizing bar wristbands with a unique design (such as your venue’s name or logo). Imprinting a logo onto bar wristbands makes them one-of-a-kind and nobody will be able to get into the bar or nightclub with a generic wristband. On top of that, having a date imprinted onto bar wristbands ensures people will not be able to reuse their bar wristbands from last week or the week before.

You could also rotate the colors of the bar wristbands to prevent reuse. They can be yellow for Saturday, green for Sunday, and blue for the following Saturday. Just make sure to implement an unpredictable rotation strategy to prevent people from sneaking in for free and attempting to reuse their wristbands.

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