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One challenge special events such as fairs and festivals often have to face is managing a large number of temporary staffers and volunteers. It is important to identify authorized staff and volunteers in order to distinguish them from paid guests and patrons. However, it may not be feasible or economical to provide long-term badges to workers who will only be employed for a short period. In such cases, one effective method of identification is to use custom volunteer and staff wristbands.

Printed with your event logo and staff or volunteer designations, wristbands can help you and your security manage temporary staffers and control access more effectively. Staff and volunteer wristbands should be highly visible, brightly colored, and non-transferable so event security can validate them quickly and allow them access to restricted areas of your event.

In addition to the wording printed on staff wristbands, color coding them can be used as a secondary measure for identification. For instance, volunteers on Saturday may be issued yellow wristbands while volunteers on Sunday get blue wristbands. This can be an easy method to categorize and identify the staff because you can have a single wristband design while using color coding to indicate a type of employee, access level, day of the week, etc. Below, we have some helpful tips if you decide to customize your volunteer and staff wristbands.

  • Plan what you will have printed on your custom staff wristbands. You can include your event’s logo and perhaps event dates along with staff and volunteer designations.
  • Color coding can be used to further segment staff and volunteers based on whatever criteria you wish.
  • Know how many staff and volunteers you expect for all days of your event, so you can make sure you order enough wristbands.
  • Determine which style of custom wristband will best suit your needs. Does it need to be waterproof? Reusable? Non-transferable? How many colors will you need?
  • Determine the date you need to have your custom wristbands delivered by. Allow yourself plenty of time to be able to effectively distribute them to staff or designated ticketing stations.

If you need staff wristbands in a hurry and don’t need to customize them with your event’s logo or branding, we offer predesigned options. For instance, our Tytan-Band Expressions Staff Wristband is bright red and features the word “Staff” prominently on the band. Other predesigned options for a variety of uses can be found in our Tyvek and plastic wristband collections.

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