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Purchasing a pit pass may be a once-in-a-lifetime experience, or, for the racing enthusiast, a regular hobby.   From NASCAR to Monster Jam, the ultimate fan experience is being able to meet the drivers, chat with the pit crew, tour the garage and pit area, and of course, see their favorite racing vehicles up close.  An exclusive commodity, pit pass wristbands not only offer the fan a VIP experience, but are an effective and exciting way to help control access and boost branding for the racing event.


Regulate Pit Access

Pit pass wristbands aid security efforts so that only those that have purchased pit passes have access to the area.  Wristbands serve as a great visual identifier, helping security quickly ascertain who is or isn’t allowed in designated areas.  There are numerous types of Tyvek wristbands for pit pass access, ranging from fun pre-printed designs to bright solid colors.  Venues, for example, may designate specific colors for different access levels, or may choose to purchase specifically designed pit pass wristbands that are imprinted with racing flags, the words, “Pit Pass,” and are serial numbered.  All of these attributes add an extra layer of security, preventing counterfeiters from gaining access to the restricted pit areas.

Customizing your pit pass wristbands improves security further.  Simply add the date and name of the race on your wristbands to prevent guests from attempting to reuse their pit pass.  Guests will only be authorized into restricted areas if they have the correct date and event printed on their pit pass wristbands. 


Provide Effective Branding

 Sponsorships are huge in the racing world, and wristbands for pit pass access provide an effective way for venues and sponsors to reinforce their brand and messaging.  Venues can customize their pit pass wristbands with event logos to not only add a bit of flair, but also enhance branding opportunities.  Many events choose to get sponsors to purchase the advertising space on their wristbands, which helps lower costs and may even help your event make a small profit.  Every time a guest takes a sip of the beverage in their hand, they get a glimpse of the logo or promotion printed on their wristband.

Pit pass wristbands are also an excellent tool for integrating social media.  Customizing your wristbands with a website or QR (quick response) code encourages pit fans to “check in” on social media apps, which will increase “likes” and “followers” to your pages.  Word of mouth is highly effective advertising, and since some racing fans tend to wear and keep their pit pass wristbands after the event is over, the wristbands become mini billboards and serve as great conversation-starters.

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