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Many know the benefits wristbands have for human identification purposes, but did you know there are also specific wristbands that are highly effective for identifying and classifying animals?  Here are 4 examples of the types of facilities that benefit from our large selection of animal ID bands.


1. Animal Shelters & Rescues

According to the ASPCA, 7.6 million animals enter shelters every year.  With such a large influx of animals daily, it is imperative that animals are properly and securely identified and classified.  Identification, according to the ASV (Association of Shelter Veterinarians) guidelines, should be physically affixed to the animal upon intake and for the duration of the animal’s stay unless it poses a safety risk for animals and/or staff.  A unique identifier (e.g. name and/or number) and record must be established when the animal is brought into the shelter.  PDC offers several different animal ID bands that ensure such requirements, including insert card bands and write-on bands.  A popular band used by many animal shelters is PDC’s Ident-A-Band® Animal ID collar, ideal for facilities that handle a wide variety of animals.   It is conveniently packaged in a continuous roll of vinyl material so you can cut to fit any size animal.  Simply write any pertinent information (e.g. animal’s name, intake number, sex, special care instructions) on the insert card.  Many facilities highlight or label the insert with blue or pink to indicate the sex of the animal.

View simple Ident-A-Band® instructions on our videos page.


2. Veterinary Care Facilities

Animal hospitals and veterinary care facilities perform various surgeries and treatments that require an animal be kept for observation overnight or for a longer period of time.  Animal ID bands are a great resource to utilize in order to ensure proper identification of the animal and its specific needs, protect its safety, and help guarantee it receives proper treatment.  PDC’s Safeguard® Animal ID bands include insert cards that accommodate up to four lines of handwritten or typed information, and its water-resistant card & flap protects and maintains data legibility.  These bands are effective for indicating special care instructions like dietary or medication needs, as well as flagging health conditions in writing or with special color ID bands to alert veterinary staff.


3. Kennels & Boarding Facilities

Many individuals bring their animals to boarding kennels and facilities when they go on vacation, especially during the holidays and summer months.  To keep animals safe during their stay, and provide owners with peace of mind, proper identification is essential.   Insert card animal ID bands can be effective for animals with special health, medication, and behavioral needs, whereas write-on animal ID may be sufficient for simply writing information like the animal’s name, sex, age, breed, and owner’s name right on the band.  PDC’s SuperBand® animal ID bands are plastic and water-resistant, with a locking snap closure.  For larger animals, you can even snap two or more bands together to make bigger collars.


4. Grooming Facilities

Grooming facilities can often be a frenzied place, with many animals entering and leaving within short periods of time.  Without proper identification methods in place, animals are at a higher risk of getting mixed up, or getting the wrong service than requested.  Animal ID bands can be very useful for facilities to identify and keep track of each animal, and ensure that each animal is getting the correct service requested.    An economical choice, PDC’s Tytan-Band Tyvek® animal ID band allows you ample space to write directly on the bands, and is water and tear-resistant, which is perfect for baths and grooming.  Similar to the SuperBand®, its strong adhesive closure allows you the convenience of fastening multiple bands together for larger animals.  You can even use different colors to distinguish between different services (i.e. blue bands may represent a bath and brush, whereas a red band may denote a bath, brush, and cut).

While we only touched upon 4 types of animal facilities that benefit from animal ID bands, animal ID bands are valuable for many other facilities that handle animals, such as: breeders, teaching and training facilities, and dog day care facilities.

PDC’s animal ID products are available in a large selection of sizes, colors, and materials to provide safe, secure, and accurate identification.  Choose from color code, insert card, and write-on styles to meet every application.

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