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Promoting Social Concern with Silicone custom wristbands

Promotional wristbands are a great tool to promote all sorts of social issues related to non-profit organizations, schools and colleges, humanitarian concerns, and so much more. While there are many types of wristbands that can be used for promotional purposes, silicone wristbands are an excellent option because they can be worn time and time again, they are trendy so people enjoy wearing them, and they are constructed out of brightly-colored silicone which draws a lot of attention. When a person sees someone wearing a silicone wristband, they are eager to learn what cause or social concern the individual who is wearing it is supporting. carries five styles of silicone wristbands, from basic to premium, which can all be completely customized with text and graphics for just a couple of cents more per wristband!

Who Uses Wristbands for Promotional Purposes?

One of the most common uses for promotional wristbands is to raise awareness for social concerns. Many groups use different colors to represent their specific cause. For example, the color blue is commonly linked with autism awareness, and yellow is typical related to cancer awareness. manufactures silicone wristbands in 20 vibrant and colorful shades, so any group or organization can find the perfect color to represent their social concern. The five styles of silicone wristbands offered on include embossed, debossed, color-fill debossed, silkscreen, and silkscreen embossed. Pick the style you want depending on how much attention you want to draw to your cause. For a bold message that stands out, recommends our premium silkscreen embossed or color-fill debossed styles. Embossed means your message and graphics are raised from the surface of the wristband, and debossed means they are imprinted directly into the surface of the wristband.

Where can I Sell or Distribute Promotional Wristbands?

Depending on the purpose and financial goal of your wristband campaign, you can use wristbands as a fundraising tool, or simply as a symbol for the social concern you are supporting. You can sell your wristbands for $5 donations each, and give all of the profits raised to a charity that also supports the social cause you are promoting. sells silicone wristbands in bulk volumes of 100 wristbands in a package, which is a great amount to start off with. You can always re-order any type of wristband (silicone, Tyvek®, plastic, vinyl, or woven fabric) with the same custom design you previously purchased at no additional charge on If your campaign takes off, it is easy to purchase additional silicone wristbands at an affordable price on You will not have to wait for to re-print your custom design, because the plates are saved after every custom order is manufactured.

When Should I Order my Promotional Wristbands?

On, we recommend you order your custom silicone wristbands three weeks in advance before you need them. Custom wristbands make your promotional campaign appear more organized and professional, which is why recommends you order them for promotional purposes. If the wristbands you are purchasing are not custom, they will ship within a few days after ordering. However – if you order custom wristbands – they will take a little longer to produce and arrive. If you are not sure how long your wristbands will take to arrive, please give one of our friendly customer care representatives a toll free call at 800.255.3504 and they will be happy to assist you with any questions you have regarding your order. Your promotional campaign is sure to be a success with bright and bold custom silicone wristbands from, a trusted leader in identification solutions.

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