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Temperatures are rising, graduations are occurring, and the busy summer season for public swimming pools and recreational parks is only a few short weeks away. If you manage a city facility like a public pool, now is the time to stock up on waterproof wristbands from a reputable company such as Since many children and teenagers will be out of school for the summer, you can guarantee they will be lined up at your pool to cool down and escape the summer heat. carries a huge selection of Tyvek® wristbands, vinyl wristbands, plastic wristbands, silicone wristbands, stock wristbands, and even custom wristbands! Try our vinyl or silicone wristbands for aquatic activities like swimming, and use our Tyvek® and plastic wristbands for outdoor activities like sports and games in the park.

Children of all ages have different levels of swimming strengths, and this can be stressful for lifeguards as they are watching over a crowded pool. You can use multi-colored wristbands to signify the level of each child’s swimming abilities. For example, you can use green wristbands to signify children with excellent swimming pool capabilities. With a green wristband, kids have access to the deep end of the pool, as well as diving boards. For less confident swimmers, try a bright yellow wristband that only allows access to the shallow end of the pool and swimming only in the deep end, but not access to diving boards. For inexperienced swimmers and very young children, use a bright red wristband that allows access solely to the shallow end of the pool. This way, lifeguards can easily spot children not in their designated areas. Before a child is allowed to jump off the diving board, they must show their wristband to the lifeguard on duty.

For outdoor sports and other recreational activities at a public park, you can purchase sturdy silicone, vinyl, or plastic wristbands. Our high-quality wristbands are so durable you will need a pair of scissors to remove them. With their one-time snapping closures, you can have peace of mind that children will not be able to remove or transfer wristbands among one another. If you do not have uniforms for your park sports teams, you can purchase two different colored wristbands as a cost-effective way to differentiate sport teams. You can also use multi-colored wristbands to signify different age groups of children. Use blue wristbands for children ages 4 to 6, purple wristbands for kids 7 to 10, and black wristbands for youth 11 to 13.

Customizing your wristbands is another great and inexpensive option that will set your park or pool aside from the rest. At, you can customize any style or material of wristband. Choose a different colored band with your logo to signify different days of the week, or add an image of an umbrella, beach ball, or waves for a fun touch that kids will love to wear. The more creative you get with your wristbands, the more likely kids are to wear them even after their trip to the pool or park. You can even use wristbands as season passes for your swimming pool. Charge a set fee and print custom silicone wristbands that are able to be removed and reapplied time and time again.

So whatever your needs are, from categorizing children by age, to classifying various sports team, has your recreational swimming pool and park needs completely covered. Choose from our enormous selection of stock wristbands, or have some fun and customize your wristbands. Kids will love the bright colors and fun images you can add to your custom swimming pool and park wristbands.

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