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DJ using custom wristbands

Custom wristbands are available in several different styles, each customizable to make it a perfect match for particular needs.

The basic silicone wristband style is the debossed custom wristband. The lettering is pressed into the silicone, making the lettering lower than the band surface. This is the most economical style, identical to the classic yellow "Livestrong" wristband introduced by cyclist Lance Armstrong in 2004.

For those who want a bolder visual effect, the debossed lettering can be filled in with colored ink, producing a vivid, highly legible message. If you want your message to really stand out, debossed printed is the way to go.

Embossed wristbands are the reverse of debossed. These have the lettering raised above the surface of the custom wristband for a textured effect.

If you want to reproduce a logo, photograph or corporate symbol exactly, silk screened wristbands precisely print the image right on the silicone band. Full-color printing is available. This style will not be as durable as debossed or embossed custom wristbands.

To really customize either debossed or embossed wristbands add colors to the band itself. Swirled colors will mix colors and produce a one of a kind custom wristband design. With up to seven colors mixing in unique ways, this style is sure to attract attention everywhere.

Segmented colors don't mix, but instead feature two or more colors adjacent to each other in block style. Available in debossed, debossed printed or embossed styles, segmented custom wristbands are perfect for sports teams.

With so many custom wristband options available, there's one that's perfect for your cause or organization. To find out which one is right for you, contact a reputable wristband provider who will work with you to determine your custom wristband needs.

Promoting a charitable organization or cause isn't easy. Anywhere you look, there's massive competition – print ads, Internet ads, TV, radio, billboards, social media such as Facebook and Twitter. Many organizations are discovering  that full color custom wristbands are a great way to break through the noise.

The appeal of custom wristbands lies in their popularity and low cost. Wristbands can be produced in mass quantities for very little, enabling wide distribution. Custom wristbands can be printed with messages suitable for just about any cause, and can be a fast, lucrative fundraising source.

The popularity of custom wristbands dates to 2004, the year Nike and professional cyclist Lance Armstrong introduced the now-legendary Livestrong yellow wristband. That introduction led to the basic custom wristband becoming a universally supported symbol of positive action.

The yellow wristband became a worldwide phenomenon, first worn by Armstrong's fellow cyclists, then by other athletes. The public quickly joined in, and a fashion trend was born. Other charitable causes quickly introduced their own custom wristbands in different colors to capitalize on the success of the yellow wristband.

The Livestrong custom wristbands, sold at $1 each, have since raised millions of dollars for cancer awareness and research. Other wristbands have been successful as well, such as pink custom wristbands for breast cancer research. The wristbands have gone beyond a fad to become an accepted fashion accessory for all ages. Wristbands are just about everywhere you look.

Although it might seem the popularity of custom wristbands would make them less effective, that's not necessarily true. But they have evolved to the extent that their meanings are not immediately clear. With a limited spectrum of colors available for custom wristbands and a virtually unlimited number of social causes, it has become nearly impossible to know what a particular wristband color is supposed to represent. The only way to really know is to ask the person wearing the wristband.

That question allows the wearer to explain in depth why the cause matters to them. The people asking might end up wearing custom wristbands of their own to support the same cause once they have additional information.

Part of what makes custom wristbands popular is their inclusiveness. Practically anyone who wants one can afford a colorful custom wristband that makes them feel that they're a part of a cause greater than themselves.

That all-encompassing inclusiveness, that connectedness, has driven custom wristbands beyond ordinary cause marketing over the past six years. Everyone wants to believe they are contributing to a better world, and to be a part of a group. Wearing custom wristbands is a way to do that, and that level of goodwill helps ensure what could have been a short-lived fad is likely to continue as a marketing tool and awareness raising device for a long time to come.

Custom wristbands are ideal for any kind of nonprofit marketing endeavor. They are inexpensive to buy, easy to sell as a fundraiser or to give away, popular with all ages and keep getting your message out once they're sold or given away. It's hard to go wrong with custom wristbands as long as you're dealing with a reputable wristband supplier.

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