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Women putting on wristbands and carnivals

Wristbands are a helpful organization tool for anyone planning a fair or carnival in their community. Many organizations host fairs and carnivals for fundraising such as schools, churches, temples and YMCAs. has a huge selection of fair and carnival wristbands that can help control access, identify different types of attendees, serve as redemption for food and beverages, monitor alcohol consumption, and more. carries all types of popular fair and carnival wristbands made from Tyvek®, plastic, vinyl, holographic, and silicone. There are thousands of stock designs to choose from on—or if you do not see a design that meets your specific needs—you can customize any style of wristband on for just a few cents more per wristband. And on, the more wristbands you order for your fair or carnival—the more money you save! carries a variety of wristbands specially designed for children because of their interesting styles and shapes.’s vinyl ClearImage Wave wristbands have a fun and unique wavy shape that kids will love to wear! Not only do these wristbands help identify your patrons, they also serve as a delightful souvenir for youngsters to take home and remember your fair or carnival by. ClearImage Wave wristbands are offered in the following colors: Candy Apply, Mocha Ice, Lemon Drop, Mango Melon, Glacier Blue, Sour Apple, Blue Berry, Minty Green, Aqua Violet, Arctic Ice, Bubble Gum, Plum Purple, and Strawberry. You can even customize wristbands with your logo, fair or carnival name, line art, and more onto the wristband’s surface for just a couple of pennies per wristband. allows you to print in a variety of colors including gold and silver! These wristbands not only look great, they are also durable enough to be worn for weeks on end and are water-resistant so they can be worn in a swimming pool, dunking tank, water ride—or anywhere wet! also carries holographic wristbands in four exciting designs that shimmer and shine under all types of lighting—indoors and outside!’s holographic wristband designs include: rain, confetti, stars, and Liquid Glitter®. You can purchase all four types of holographic wristbands from in the following colors: Blue, Yellow, Red, Black, Kelly Green, Cranberry, Day Glow Orange, Purple, Aqua, Day Glow Pink, Day Glow Green, Silver and Gold. Like all of our other wristband styles and materials offered on, you can customize holographic wristbands with any message, logo, artwork, and more. Just ask one of our friendly customer care representatives how you can customize your wristbands to add a personalized touch to your carnival or fair. Holographic wristbands feature a secure plastic one-time locking snap that makes the wristbands non-transferable. This way, you can track who has paid to enter your fair or carnival and can easily spot non-paid or non-identified patrons.

Wristbands can also be a helpful tool for raffles! offers many types of wristbands that you can add serialized numbers too for no additional charge!’s SecurMatch® plastic wristbands feature a detachable stub with a matching serial number. The patron will not lose their raffle number because it stays conveniently on their wrist until they wish to remove their wristband with a pair of scissors. The person conducting the raffle keeps the stubs and then reads the numbers from the stubs off at the time of the raffle. also carries Tyvek® wristbands with serial numbers, such as our Securband® wristbands and our Tytan Tyvek® Tabless® wristbands. These lightweight wristbands are ideal for single-day events—such as a fair or carnival. They feature an adhesive closure that will shred if tampered with, preventing transferring among patrons.

If you are having trouble locating the perfect design or style of wristband for your fair or carnival, do not hesitate to give a call at 800.225.3504 or send an email at We will be happy to answer all your wristband inquiries and help you find a perfect wristband solution for your fair or carnival. Thank you for choosing for your event identification needs! Continue to check often for limited time specials and sales throughout the entire year!

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