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back to school wristbands.

With summer drawing to a close and school season upon us, ensuring our children are safe is of utmost importance.  Child safety wristbands have been a trending topic in the news lately, from police urging parents to take advantage of wristbands for their children at the 2017 Rocky Show, to parents taking an extra step to keep their children safe during Children’s Fest Day at the 2017 Summerfest Festival. 


Below we will highlight 3 ways wristbands can be used to improve child safety.


1.  Keep Children Safe During Field Trips and in Large Crowds

Child safety wristbands are an ideal choice for temporary identification in types of environments where a child can become easily separated from their parents or group.  As school starts, teachers begin planning field trips for their students, and very often the places they visit are crowded and chaotic.  Children can become easily distracted and wander away from the group, risking their safety.  To help ease parents and chaperones’ minds, and guarantee the safety of our children, PDC offers many varieties of Tyvek and plastic wristbands that can be written on with permanent marker to help identify and keep track of children easily and effectively. Our specialty Tyvek wristbands even have a designated area to write a guardian’s name and emergency contact number in case a child gets separated from the rest of the group. 

2.  Helps Children Stay Organized

Child safety wristbands are convenient for school field trips and events where you expect there to be other children present.  Our Tyvek wristbands are available in over 100 designs and color combinations to match any event or purpose, and you can utilize different colored wristbands – such as red, yellow, and green – to categorize children in different groups or with different needs.   To further help children stay organized and safe, consider writing their school bus number on their wristband, and attach it to their wrist, backpack, or other personal belonging for an easy daily reminder.

3.  Identify Authorized Visitors

With many visitors coming in and out of schools on a daily basis, it is important to identify and make transparent who is authorized to be on the premise, so that we can ensure our children are safe.  Typical visitor stickers and passes can lose their adhesive and fall off, or become lost.   PDC’s non-transferable bright yellow Tyvek visitor wristbands give staff, parents, and children visual identification of authorized visitors on school grounds because they have “visitor” prominently displayed in big, bold letters.  

PDC offers a large variety of child safety wristbands that are non-transferable, durable, and highly visible; assisting you in keeping children safe through identification, and providing parents with peace of mind.


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  • Posted on by Hashmath Soomar

    I would like to know how these wrist bands could prevent children from getting lost or leaving an exhibition premises? Is there any reader outside the premise that could read these RFIDs. Could the google GPS be used to track lost children anywhere in the vicinity?
    like the UBER tracks its vehicles through google?
    Please let me know.
    i would like to use these RFID tags for school children from any kidnaps.
    Kind regards,
    Hashmath Soomar
    Managing Partner
    Crest ET, India