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Still wearing that old wristband from that music festival years ago? You should probably take it off, seeing how it’s starting to show its age and also smell a bit funky. But that doesn’t mean you have to throw it away. There are plenty of creative ways to repurpose and reuse old wristbands that still allow them to serve as reminders of good times. To help you get your creative juices flowing, we listed ten simple life hacks and DIY crafts projects involving wristbands below.


Ideally, you want to use a woven fabric wristband since they’re durable, lightweight, and compact. The added bonus of using a wristband as a keychain is that you still get to keep it close to your hands if you ever need something to fidget with when bored. Who needs a fidget spinner when you have a nice wristband as a keychain? Plus, each time you reach for your keys, you’ll always be reminded of that awesome weekend with 5,000 other people.

Frame Them

Don’t like displaying your old wristbands as a keychain? Consider displaying them in a picture frame. You can play with alignment, cut them into shapes, or layer them to create aesthetic patterns sure to delight. This works especially well if you have Tyvek, plastic, or vinyl wristbands as once cut and removed from your wrist, they can be easily glued onto a board.

Sew Them onto Clothing

Want wear your wristbands without the downside of gathering bacteria and germs on your wrist? Take a page out of the Boy Scouts handbook and sew them onto an old jacket or hat. The more wristbands you have, the larger area you can cover. In fact, you should probably make it a goal to have a jacket completely covered.

Cable Ties

If you don’t feel the need to show off your old wristbands, you can turn them into reusable cable ties to reduce cable clutter. Woven wristbands work best as you can easily tie and untie them. Just make sure you make it easily undoable so that you can add and remove cables to it in a pinch. Plastic and vinyl wristbands unfortunately do not work as they’re just too unwieldy for knots.

Opening Jars (Silicone)

To continue the utilitarian streak, another use for old wristbands is opening troublesome jar lids. Note that you’ll need to use silicone or rubber wristbands as woven ones don’t work quite as well. Simply place the wristband around the lip and it’ll help provide more grip. Now, no kitchen is quite complete without a silicone wristband.


If you’re an avid reader, wristbands make for excellent bookmarks. Just be sure to avoid using silicone wristbands since they aren’t very thin. Woven wristbands work wonderfully well since you had to cut them off and remove the plastic snaps anyways. Paper, vinyl, and plastic wristbands also work but don’t look nearly as classy draped over the cover of a book.

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