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Wristbands at music festival or dance party

As the weather is starting to warm up, music festivals and concerts are in their peak season. Promoters and investors for these events have one main concern in mind – protecting their bottom line. Instead of using paper tickets for your musical event this year, wristbands are an inexpensive way to prevent guests from counterfeiting tickets, transferring tickets to nonpaid attendees, and sneaking in to your event without payment. is a leading provider for high-quality wristbands that are available in a variety of materials, colors, and closure options that provide companies with peace of mind that their event is not losing revenue due to party crashers.

What Can You Use Wristbands for at Concerts and Musical Events?

There are many applications where wristbands can be useful at spring or summer music festivals and concerts. Besides the obvious application of access control, wristbands can be used as food and beverage redemption, age verification, cashless purchasing of refreshments and merchandise, VIP access, and more. sells bar code wristbands, which can be mailed to guests prior to your event in place of tickets, and can be scanned upon entrance to prove their validity. also allows you to order pre-serialized alphanumeric wristbands – with our without barcodes – that can be matched with each guest prior to your concert or festival. These precautions are additional measures that can be taken to easily and economically heighten your security.

Where Should I Start Looking for Wristbands for My Dance Party?

Depending on your specific needs, is your one-stop-shop for all your identification resources. Instead of shopping at party stores and purchasing generic wristbands that anyone could also buy, protect your investment by ordering custom wristbands from Browse our website to see the variety of materials we offer our durable wristbands in including Tyvek®, plastic, vinyl and silicone. For single-day or single-night events, Tyvek® wristbands are a popular and smart choice because they are cheap yet sturdy, and can be customized to include your logo, event name, dates, and an assortment of stock or custom graphics. also offers an extensive line of Tyvek® and plastic Expressions® wristbands that feature stock designs. Expressions® wristbands will provide you with a custom wristband look without paying a custom wristband price.

When Should I Start Shopping for My Music Festival Wristbands?

If you are ordering stock design wristbands from, you only have to allow a few days lead time before your items will ship. All stock design Tyvek® wristbands on ship the very next business day after ordering! also offers plastic and vinyl wristbands that feature one-time locking snap closures to prevent transfer and tampering. If you are having an event that last for multiple days or nights, or if your event is expensive and you are looking for a more professional looking wristband to represent your company, recommends selecting from our vinyl or plastic collections. We offer fun ClearImage® wristbands that are bright and vibrant yet transparent, and offered in wavy shapes to add a touch of fun to any event. All of the vinyl and plastic wristbands on are water-resistant and can be worn for weeks on end! They are so strong that you cannot rip or tear them, but instead need to cut them with a pair of scissors for removal.

Why Should I Order Music Event and Concert Wristbands from has been in business for nearly 60 years and is built on a reputation of outstanding customer service, long-lasting quality products, and on-time delivery. has skilled sales and graphic design teams that can help you create a custom wristband effortlessly. If you have any questions about an order, please feel free to call our friendly customer care representatives during our normal business hours at 800.255.3504. Or, feel free to send us an inquiry via e-mail to

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