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Wrist-Rider® Wristicket® wristbands are perfect for events and venues  like smaller amusement and theme parks, fairs, festivals, family entertainment centers, bars and clubs, sporting events, and non-profits that sell admission to specific attractions within an event, food, drinks, rides, prizes, and more.  Since the stub is on the guest’s wrist, gone are the days of digging in pockets or wallets for tickets, that can be easily lost or misplaced.

Below are 3 of the top redeeming qualities that Wrist-Rider® Wristicket® wristbands provide to both staff and guests.


1.  Tear-Off Tabs for Redemption 

Wrist-Rider® wristbands offer a redeeming quality, pun intended.  Each durable vinyl non-transferable wristband features either 3, 4, or 5 brightly-colored tear-off tabs that can be used for ticketing or as a pre-pay method for redeeming merchandise and rides.  Acting as a wristband + ticket combination, these numbered tabs can be used for food or beverage sales at bars, fairs, or sporting events.  Since they are highly visible on the guests’ wrists, vendors and event organizers can simply and quickly keep track of amenities like meal vouchers, drink tickets, and ride usage, allowing for easy sales monitoring.



2.  Speed up Concession Lines

Concession lines often get long at events, and waiting in line takes away from the guest experience.  Wrist-Rider® wristbands allow guests the ability to easily and conveniently  tear off the appropriate tab for redemption.  To improve efficiency and get guests back to their fun, these wristbands are a great way to speed up concession lines.  Paper tickets can easily be misplaced, lost, or buried in pockets or wallets; adding time while the guest is searching for their tickets.  These wristbands conveniently feature tear-off tabs that are on the guests’ wrists, so they are visible and within reach at all times—accelerating concession lines and speeding up wait times.


3.  Boost Branding with Customized Tabs

Event and venue organizers can call and customize Wrist-Rider® Wristicket® wristband tabs with promotions, coupons, and redemption values.  Highlighting a vendor’s food, beverage, or product?  Consider customizing tabs with sponsor’s logos.  Your venue will not only increase branding efforts, but sponsors may pay for the entire cost of the wristband and possibly generate surplus revenue.  These wristbands also offer full-length custom printing and serial numbering to help boost branding even more.

If you're looking for durable, non-transferable, waterproof wristbands that act as a highly-effective wristband + ticket solution, Wrist-Rider® Wristicket® are the ideal wristbands for your event or venue.  Order stock wristbands online or customize your own by contacting us or calling us at 800.255.1865.






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