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Tips on Wristbands Benefits and Functions

Useful Articles and Suggestions on How to Use Wristbands Wisely for your Events and Activities

January Wristbands Specials  

How You can Use Wristbands for the Thanksgiving Holiday

Thanksgiving is a special time of the year set aside to reflect and express thanks for the people in our lives who make an impact on us on a daily basis. Whether this is family, friends, bosses, colleagues, teachers, mentors – or whoever else – we have the opportunity every November to let those people know how important they are to us. Many people use Thanksgiving as a chance to give back to their community by offering their time to local or community service. Wristbands are a great tool for these community events because they help to easily identify people, keep track of attendees, monitor food and beverage consumption, and group people into different age groups or tiers of attendees.

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Red Ribbon Week Wristbands

Red Ribbon Week is one of the  most thriving anti-drug campaigns geared toward students in the United States.  Red Ribbon Week has been nationally observed since 1998 and many teachers  participate to help encourage their students to live a healthy and drug-free  lifestyle. During Red Ribbon Week, students wear red wristbands to symbolize  their pledge to stay smart and sober and resist peer pressure.  carries several different types of Red Ribbon Week wristbands including  silicone, plastic, Tyvek®, and vinyl. You can order plain Red Ribbon Week  wristbands from, Red Ribbon Week wristbands with pre-printed  messages, or customize your Red Ribbon Week wristbands with your own personal  text and graphics.

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Use Wristbands for Halloween and other Fun Fall Events

There are so many fun events  during fall such as Halloween, trick-or-treating, visiting the pumpkin patch,  hay rides, corn mazes and dozens more. If you are planning any type of fall  event, purchase quality wristbands from to help you keep track  of admissions, verify age, identify different types of guests, and a variety of  other helpful tasks. You can find wristbands made from different materials on – from lightweight Tyvek® wristbands and trendy  silicone wristbands – to durable vinyl wristbands and long-lasting plastic wristbands. now carries new Glow in The Dark vinyl wristbands that are a  safe way to keep kids in sight while trick-or-treating or attending nighttime  fall events such as harvest festivals, haunted houses, bon fires and school  dances.

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Wristbands for Fairs and Carnivals

Wristbands are a helpful organization tool for anyone planning a fair or carnival in their community. Many organizations host fairs and carnivals for fundraising such as schools, churches, temples and YMCAs. has a huge selection of fair and carnival wristbands that can help control access, identify different types of attendees, serve as redemption for food and beverages, monitor alcohol consumption, and more. carries all types of popular fair and carnival wristbands made from Tyvek®, plastic, vinyl, holographic, and silicone. There are thousands of stock designs to choose from on—or if you do not see a design that meets your specific needs—you can customize any style of wristband on for just a few cents more per wristband. And on, the more wristbands you order for your fair or carnival—the more money you save!... [Read More]

The Differences between Wristband Types

If you are planning any type  of event or manage a large organization, chances are you may need wristbands at  some point in time to assist you with crowd control, food and beverage  redemption, identification verification, VIP access, and so much more! Now with  the internet being such a popular tool, there are tons of different wristbands  to choose from and a bunch of different wristband vendors. has  been in business since 1955 and is an innovator of wristbands for events,  hotels, resorts, water parks, theme parks, venues—and so much more! You may not  understand the benefits of each type and style of wristbands sold on, so browse this article and learn more about our most popular  wristbands featured on [Read More]

College Football Wristbands

College football season has  arrived and schools across the country are beginning to prepare for lots of  guests visiting their campus for home games. If you are in the athletic  department and have a role in organizing college football games, order  wristbands from to help organize games and simplify your life  during the hectic planning season. carries a huge variety of  wristband materials, wristband sizes, wristband colors, and even wristband  shapes! We carry stock design wristbands specially designed for sporting events  such as college football games. Or, if you are looking for a more high-security  option, you can customize any style and color of wristband on  for only several cents more per wristband. You can order wristbands with your  school colors to promote school pride and spirit... [Read More]

Back to School Wristbands

The first week of school can  be stressful for parents, teachers, and students – especially for those  students who may be very young or who are new to a school. Order a variety of  different colored wristbands from and assign a specific color to  each classroom or grade. For example, all third grade teachers and students can  wear blue wristbands and all fourth grade students and teachers can wear red  wristbands. Decorate the outside doors of each classroom to match the color of  the grade’s assigned wristband color. This way, it will be a simple task for  students to visually locate which classroom they are supposed to be in. Order  durable vinyl or plastic wristbands from that  can be worn for several weeks on end without  fading or falling off. Both the vinyl and plastic wristbands from feature a one-time snapping closure to ensure the wristband  cannot be transferred.... [Read More]

Baseball Season and Wristbands

Baseball is one of America’s most beloved pastimes for people of all ages and in all regions. If you are a coach, a parent, own a venue, or are a team manager – consider purchasing wristbands from to help organize your busy baseball season. You can use wristbands to identify baseball players, family members of baseball players, field staff, baseball coaches and management, guests, and more. At, we carry wristbands in a huge variety of materials and styles. Choose from Tyvek® wristbands, plastic wristbands, vinyl wristbands, holographic wristbands, and silicone wristbands – available in dozens of colors and pre-printed stock designs. Or, if you cannot find the perfect wristband for your baseball season or baseball event, you can customize any wristband on at an unbeatable price! ... [Read More]

Wristbands Uses for Summer Vacations, Resorts and Events

Summer is the most popular  time of year for family vacations, visiting public swimming pools, getaways  with friends, and fun summer events like concerts in the park and company  picnics. If you are planning any type of summer event, or if you are interested  in purchasing products for a summer activity or your venue, is a  great place to start.  You can use  wristbands to help organize your summer event in a variety of ways – such as  access control, food and beverage redemption, age verification, VIP admissions,  and more. carries wristbands in a wide variety of materials like  Tyvek®, plastic, vinyl, holographic, and silicone. It is easy to  customize your wristbands on with a large assortment of materials,  colors, print colors, designs – even full-color photography! Be sure to  thoroughly browse through’s wide selection of quality wristbands  to find the perfect wristbands for your summer event...[Read More]

Reasons to Use Wristbands as Multi-day Passes

There are a  number of multi-day events or activities that call for multi-day passes.  Wristbands offer a convenient, comfortable and worry-free way for guests to  access venues for events that span multiple days. Superband® wristbands, Vinyl  Wristbands, and SureImage™ Full-Color Wristbands are all great choices because  they are non-transferable, durable, and waterproof to last multiple days of  wear and tear—from showering to outdoor activities like, swimming, hiking and  playing in the sand....[Read More]

Wristbands 101 - Basic Understanding of Different Type of Wristbands

Wristband makers continue to introduce new styles of wristbands to meet the demand of the marketplace. A new product touted as the cleaner alternative to standard Tyvek wristbands is the Tytan Tabless™ Tyvek wristband. It offers a “no mess” design because the adhesive liner remains intact on the wristband. This helps keep a facility clean because they don't have thousands of loose tabs to deal with or clean up...[Read More]

Learning Silicone Wristbands - The meaning of Debossed, Embossed, Printed, Laser-engraved

There is often a lot of confusion regarding the various styles of custom   silicone wristbands. Many people confuse embossed bracelets with   debossed bracelets (even some silicone bracelet suppliers!) and are   uncomfortable with printed wristbands. Throw in the option of   laser-engraved wristbands and they throw up their arms in surrender...[Read More]

All About Silicone Wristbands And Its Uses

Silicone wristbands can be easily worn on wrist. It is made up of silicone material and lasts for a longer period of time.Ideas/uses Business:Different people use silicone wristbands for different purpose. If a person wants to promote a business – he/she can order wristbands online and distribute for free to people visiting amusement parks, shopping malls, ice cream parlors etc.Many business houses buy silicone wristbands for following reasons:1. Create brand awareness  2. Product promotion  3. Admission/concerts  4. Discount clubs  5. Give-away item..[Read More]

Boost Your Faith With Wristbands

A faith wristband is the absolutely reasonable method to zing up your wrist. At the same time you can create a daring statement when recessionary hints and other communal humor are giving challenge to your faith. Often you find people are wearing and providing holy jewelry as an expression of their faith...[Read More]

Wondering How to Use Wristbands?

Wristbands can be used for many purposes. Religious wristbands are used for lifting your spirit at the time of any hardship. Christian wristbands, reminder wristbands, message wristbands are very useful for religious purposes. Christian wristbands will remind you of the duties relating to Christianity. Christian wristbands generally help children all over the world as they donate a portion of their sale to poor children. Reminder wristbands can also be known as moral wristbands. Moral wristbands are helpful in promoting Christian beliefs and practices...[Read More]

Public Pools and Parks need Wristbands for Summer

Temperatures are rising,  graduations are occurring, and the busy summer season for public swimming pools  and recreational parks is only a few short weeks away. If you manage a city  facility like a public pool, now is the time to stock up on brightly-colored,  quality wristbands from a reputable company such as Since many  children and teenagers will be out of school for the summer, you can guarantee  they will be lined up at your pool to cool down and escape the summer heat. carries a huge selection of Tyvek® wristbands, vinyl wristbands,  plastic wristbands, silicone wristbands, stock wristbands, and even custom  wristbands! Try our vinyl or silicone wristbands for aquatic activities like  swimming, and use our Tyvek® and plastic wristbands for outdoor  activities like sports and games in the park....[Read More]

Why Many Sport Events and Leagues are Using Wristbands

Major leagues, minor leagues,  and little leagues alike have all begun practicing for their big athletic  spring season. With game day right around the corner, the time has come to get  organized and prepared for a successful spring sporting season. You can use  wristbands at athletic games to track admissions, verify team members and competing team  members, for food and beverage redemption, and more! If you are coaching a  school team, you may want to identify student and non-student guests with  different colored wristbands. has a huge variety of Tyvek®,  plastic, silicone, vinyl, and holographic wristbands, in stock or custom – all  at an economical price.  ...[Read More]

Spring is Here and Wristbands can Help

Flowers are blooming, temperatures are rising, and the arrival of spring is thick in the air. Music festival and concert promoters are excited to begin their busy spring season and bars and nightclubs are stocking up product for crowded nights. To guarantee a successful and profitable spring season, order quality wristbands from to guarantee secure access control, age verification, revenue protection, and more. Professional custom wristbands can help brand your venue or event and give your establishment a modern edge your customers will love. Why settle for boring, dull wristbands when vibrant custom wristbands are just pennies more per piece and only a mouse click away? Field trips are a great idea during the spring because it’s warm outside, animals have just given birth to their young, and outdoor businesses are ready for large crowds of school children. Browse through’s enormous selection of vinyl, Tyvek®, plastic, silicone, and holographic wristbands, and you are sure to find the ideal solution to meet your exact needs for all of your spring events. ...[Read More]

March is National Nutrition Month

Awareness campaigns are another great way to  help spread the news about National Nutrition Month. carries an  exclusive line of silicone wristbands that are specially designed for  fundraisers and awareness campaigns. You can raise funds in your community and  donate the proceeds to charities like first lady Michelle Obama’s “Let’s Move”  campaign to decrease childhood obesity in the United States...[Read More]

Use Wristbands at Your St. Patrick's Day Celebration

St. Patrick’s Day is a fun and festive  celebration that has been recognized for centuries, beginning in Ireland and  eventually spreading throughout all of western civilization. For adults, St.  Patrick’s Day means a night out to enjoy imported beer and the company of  friends at a local pub or bar. If you are a restaurant or bar owner, order top-quality  wristbands from in advance, to prepare for the large St.  Patrick’s Day crowds...[Read More]

Silicone Wristbands can Help Promote Rare Disease Day on Feb. 28

There are many days in the year set aside to raise awareness for individual causes such as heart disease, HIV & AIDS, violence against women, multiple types of cancers, and so much more. Since 2008, multiple countries have designated February 28 as Rare Disease Day to recognize and promote less-known diseases that are affecting so many lives across the globe today. Chances are, you or someone you know has a loved one suffering from a rare disease or health affliction.....[Read More]

Use Wristbands for Career and Technical Education Month

Career and Technical Education Month has arrived, and if you are a teacher, professor, or other type of educator, you will want to take advantage of all the exciting opportunities offered to your students during February. Students of all grades and demographics will benefit by learning about the different career and vocational paths they can pursue after graduating high school....[Read More]

• Raise Safety Awareness in February with Silicone Wristbands

Schools and non-profit  organizations, like the Boys and Girls Club of America, can also use wristbands  to teach children and teenagers about Safety Awareness Month. Engage the  children you mentor with an itinerary full of important safety tips to follow.  If a child reminds one of their peers to practice a safe behavior, such as  holding scissors downwards when walking, praise them with a custom imprinted  Safety Awareness Month silicone wristband. Handing out rewards, like trendy  wristbands, will give the children an incentive to continue their safety  awareness training. You can also take a trip to teach safety awareness, such as  to the fire station or police station. carries all kinds of  Tyvek®, vinyl, plastic, and holographic wristbands that are perfect  for single-day applications. Easily identify your group with florescent-colored  wristbands from on your Safety Awareness Month field trip...[Read More]

Wristbands for your Black History Month School Field Trip

Since 1976, The United States  has officially designated the month of February as the celebration of Black  History Month. Many schools teach important lessons on the many contributions  of African Americans to the history, culture, and education of the United  States. Churches and youth groups may also teach Sunday school lessons that tie  into Black History Month, such as sermons on equality and brotherly love. There  are lots of charities that can use Black History Month to their advantage by  raising donations for non-profit organizations that support inner-city youth or  another reputable cause and other social charitable activities...[Read More]

Prepare for the Valentine’s Day Rush with Custom Wristbands

Since Valentine’s Day has  become such a largely commercialized holiday, many places of business create  promotional Valentine’s Day items to give to customers, such as pink or red  silicone wristbands with a company’s name imprinted onto the surface. Likewise,  charities or fundraising committees also follow the Valentine theme by creating  awareness campaigns offering keepsake items, such as custom Valentine’s Day  wristbands, in exchange for donations to their charity or non-profit  organization. Even churches and temples have Valentine’s Day events for the  members and children of their congregations....[Read More]

Use Wristbands to Help Organize your Mardi Gras Party

Mardi Gras celebrations are a  big hit for Bars and nightclubs, and being prepared for larger than normal  crowds is a must. With its ornate beads, masks, and bold colors – Mardi Gras  can be a great way to attract extra business to your bar or nightclub. carries all sorts of decorative and non-transferable wristbands  in a variety of materials and styles. For just a few cents more per wristband,  you can order customized wristbands with printed messages like, “Happy Mardi Gras,” on any type of  wristband we offer. Make sure you can identify and accommodate all your guests  by having different colored and customized wristbands on hand....[Read More]

Use Wristbands for your Superbowl Sunday Party

For many sports bars,  Superbowl Sunday is one of their most crowded days of the year. Bartenders, who  will be much busier than they are normally used to, may struggle remembering  which patrons they have carded for age verification and which ones they have  not. Eliminate the risk of serving an underage person by verifying all your  guest’s ages at the door with a large assortment of wristbands from We offer wristbands that are specially designed for age  verification. You can order brightly colored, non-transferable wristbands for  patrons who are at least 21-years-old, and choose a different color for  underage guests. Using wristbands will help your Superbowl Sunday party stay  organized and run more smoothly...[Read More]


Celebrate Martin Luther King Jr Day with Wristbands

Every third Monday of January, our country sets a day aside to commemorate the life of one of the most influential people in our history – Martin Luther King Jr. While children and young people enjoy getting a holiday off from school, too many of them do not understand why Martin Luther King’s birthday is celebrated. If you are an educator, group leader, or mentor, you can use commemorative wristbands as a useful and fun learning tool to teach children about the American civil rights milestones established by Martin Luther King Jr...[Read More]


Show your Support for National Blood Donor Month with Wristbands

January is National Blood Donor Month and is the perfect time to start off the new year by giving the gift of life to those in need. Wristbands can be a helpful way to remind yourself and others of the importance of donating blood during the month of January...[Read More]