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Amp Up Security for Celebrity Events with Custom Wristbands

San Fernando, CA (July 09, 2012)

When it comes to celebrity events, security is a high concern for everyone in the venue—the venue staff, the celebrity staff, the fans, and, of course, the celebrity. Custom printed wristbands are an excellent way to provide extra security at celebrity events. As an added bonus, security wristbands can also give venue efficiency and profits a boost.

Security wristbands can be customized by printing your choice of logo or message. They provide a wide variety of benefits, including the following:
•    Stop party crashers and protect revenue
•    Help prevent counterfeits
•    Boost brand and build customer loyalty
•    Generate revenue
•    Promote special offers
•    Keep inventory and track admissions
•    Raise awareness for social causes
•    Tracking and cashless POS via custom bar coding and variable data

No one likes a party crasher. Not only are they a burden, but they are also a liability to the profitability and security of any venue. Security wristbands enable staff to identify authorized guests and personnel quickly and easily. Designating specific colors to various groups of authorized attendees can help increase the efficiency of stage set-up and take down, as well as security itself. By designating specific colored security wristbands to VIPs, standard ticket holders, celebrity staff, venue staff, and so on, security and other staff members can identify whether people are in a place where they are authorized to be.

Custom security wristbands come to the assist for your security staff if ever anyone tries to sneak in with a counterfeit wristband. It’s a good idea to customize security wristbands with foil printing, serial numbering, and UV (invisible) ink printing to ensure that nobody off the street, or friends of paid ticket holders, sneak in for free with an old wristband or one purchased at a local party store. Other ways to make security wristbands unique is to have them imprinted with the celebrity's logo, the celebrity's tour logo, or the venue logo, along with the event date.

Custom security wristbands are great for advertising. At an event in which people pay money to see a specific celebrity, you cannot hand-pick your target audience any better. After the show is over, they will admire will glance fondly at their wrist and day dream about the performance they saw. Any logo and website imprinted on the security wristband is sure to get positive mention and praise when they post about their fantastic experience on Facebook or Twitter.

Corporate sponsorships are an excellent way to pay the cost of security wristbands. Sell them advertising space and have their logo or tagline imprinted on the security wristbands. You might even make a profit! If the celebrity is a musical entertainer, a great choice for selling advertising space is a local radio station that plays the entertainer’s music. It’s a perfect match-up.

Another way to promote the venue or sponsors it to print special offers on security wristbands. To increase memorabilia sales, you could imprint something like “buy a t-shirt @ full price, get 20% off 2nd t-shirt.” For a boost in concession sales, try “get a free bag of peanuts with purchase of 32 oz beer."

Celebrities are known for supporting various social causes. Customizing security wristbands with the logo or tagline of a cause important to the celebrity is an effective way to help spread the word and gain support. People are likely to wear their custom security wristbands for days or weeks after the event. It is sure to stir up conversations.

Another reason to customize security wristbands is for tracking purposes. If you want to know where ticket holders are spending their money, then imprint serial numbers or bar codes. You can determine how many trips people made to the concession stand and what they spent their money on. Was it food or drinks? What did they get? Did they spend money on memorabilia—t-shirts, baseball caps, or sweatshirts? What was the average amount of money spent?

Take inventory and admissions tracking one step further—make your celebrity event cashless. Security wristbands can be imprinted with custom printed bar codes that are tied to a credit card. These non-transferable security wristbands can then be tied to your data system for efficient operations, data tracking, and analysis.

Custom printing options on security wristbands seem to be endless, from black imprint to full-color printing; from printing serial numbers to bar code. You can also customize with foil imprints and multiple spot color printing, as well as printing down the strap or on the back side of security wristbands. Essentially, any option you need for security wristbands to keep a celebrity event a secure is available.