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Choose from a wide variety of quality ID holders and accessories, including lanyards, badge holders, and badge reels, that help increase the functionality and lifespan of your ID or event credential.

Our lanyards are perfect for displaying ID cards and event badges, and help minimize the chances of lost ID cards. We offer a variety of plain and pre-printed lanyards to meet your unique needs. Increase brand recognition by customizing your own lanyards with a logo, or company or event name. Looking to increase sustainability at your organization or event? Our new NextLife™ fully-compostable organic cotton lanyards are the perfect eco-friendly way to identify people while reducing your carbon footprint.

Retractable ID badge reels also pair well with ID holders; offering employees, guests, and students a reliable and durable option for displaying their credentials, and aiding with everyday functions like access control and keyless entry.

PDC badge holders are commonly combined with lanyards or badge reels, helping to extend the life of your ID card; protecting it from damage, bending, water, and wear-and-tear. For the ultimate eco-friendly ID carrying solution, pair our NextLife™ lanyard with our NextLife™ fully-compostable rigid organic badge holder, which can hold up to two cards.