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wristbands for college and university graduation

As summer falls upon us, many families and friends will be attending college and university commencement ceremonies to celebrate the achievements of their loved ones. As many of these graduations are extremely large and only allow a certain amount of visitors per graduate to attend, wristbands are a great way to help organize a ceremony. has a huge variety of stock and custom wristbands in several different materials to choose from including Tyvek®, plastic, vinyl, and silicone. Choose the perfect wristband to match school colors, signify honors students and professors, distinguish between cum laude, magna cum laude, summa cum laude graduates and more.

Who Can Use Wristbands for a College Graduation?

The most important individuals to identify by wristbands at a graduation are visitors. Graduates will be easy to spot because they will be wearing a robe and hat. If a student is only allowed just three visitors, and ends up bringing ten, there will not be enough seating or refreshments to cover the ceremony. This could easily ruin the event and add unneeded levels of chaos and stress. carries Tyvek® wristbands for single-day use that are inexpensive and ship the very next business day after ordering if you do not customize them. Or, you can use custom Tyvek wristbands to include your school name and date of the graduation to provide a personalized touch.

Where Can Wristbands for a College Graduation Be Given Out?

There are several ways you can hand out college graduation wristbands to help organize the special day. One way is sending them giving them to students to give to their guests. If your college or university gives students invitations they can insert the wristbands into the envelopes they are sending the invitations in themselves to mail to their guests. Or, if your school requires students to provide the university with a list of names and address for their guests beforehand, send the wristbands via mail directly to guests from the school. Make sure you write in the letter that they must wear the wristband on their left or right wrist before they arrive in order to be allowed entrance to the ceremony. Be sure to mail the wristbands and invitations at least a month in advance to ensure everyone can plan their schedule accordingly.

When Can I Order My Wristbands?

If you plan on mailing wristbands out before the day of the commencement, some may worry about counterfeit wristbands. For example, if someone has a very large family and the wristbands you mailed out were plain and blue, someone may be able to purchase a similar looking wristband and sneak in to the ceremony. For this reason, offers a wide selection of customized wristbands that are nearly impossible to counterfeit. We offer photo-quality vinyl wristbands that you can print pictures on! even carries wristbands with alphanumeric serialization and bar codes that can be scanned as soon as someone enters the ceremony. Then you will not have to worry about copycat wristbands sneaking in to your event unnoticed. If you do choose to order custom wristbands from, be sure to check the lead time of each individual product to ensure it arrives in time. Some of our custom wristbands take longer to ship than others, so if you are unsure, speak with one of our friendly sales representatives by calling us at 800.255.3504.

Why Should I Customize Wristbands for the Big Day?

Customizing wristbands not only reduces the risk of uninvited guests sneaking in to your graduation ceremony – it also gives your invited guests a special keepsake to take home and remember the special day by forever. Add your university or school name with the date of the ceremony on top of a band with your school colors. Or, order multiple colored wristbands with the same imprints to designate different groups of attendees such as graduates, staff, and visitors. Whatever your custom wristband needs are, is your solution for your graduation identification problems. Make this year’s graduation ceremony extra special with beautiful and high-quality wristbands from!

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