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Specialty Wristbands

January Wristbands Specials 

Unique Designs and Features to Fit Your Special Applications


Every month has special limited time deals on  all types of wristbands from silicone and plastic to vinyl and Tyvek®. Be the  first to find out about our monthly sales by visiting us on Twitter or Facebook and be sure to add us  to stay connected and learn about our newest products and other online  discounts we are currently offering. Save money by checking out the sales on  both our stock design and custom wristbands often, as we always have new and  exciting bargains. Our sale items are our most popular sellers, so it is a good  idea to check our specials page before making a purchase to take advantage of all  our incredible savings. Web specials on are a smart way to save  money on the quality wristbands you want. Be sure to enter the promo code at  check out to receive your free promotional gift when your wristbands ship!

Be sure to check often for other promotional  giveaways and freebies. All of our on sale wristbands can be customized to  include your logo, company name, an image, or artwork. Even our glitter,  metallic, and holographic wristbands can be custom printed to include your  personalized information. Make plain wristbands come alive by adding  customization to them with the money you saved purchasing discounted  wristbands. Do not miss out on our super silicone sale on our brand new line of  silicone wristbands available in five customizable styles. These wristbands are  excellent products to be used as fundraisers for charity, or to raise awareness regarding social causes and concerns.
  Our silicone wristbands are one of our newest products, but  we also feature sales for some of our best sellers - like our Tyvek® wristbands  - which are inexpensive and extremely durable. Tyvek® is a sturdy,  tear-resistant material that many customers choose for single-day events, bars,  nightclubs, sports arenas, and more. Our quality plastic and vinyl wristbands  are ideal for amusement and water parks, hotels and resorts, multi-day music  festivals, crowded concerts, or any event that you need a professional-looking  product to represent your company or organization. has competitive  prices and an unmatched Customer Service Team who will be happy to assist you  if you have any questions during your ordering process by calling us at (800)  255-3504 or sending us an email at



Tytan Tabless 1" Tyvek Wristbands TTAB

<div itemprop="name"> Tytan Tabless 1" Tyvek Wristbands TTAB</div>
Online Price: $44.95
1" wide | 1000/box
Lead Time: Ships same day

Glow In The Dark VSG

<div itemprop="name">Glow In The Dark VSG </div>
Online Price: $119.95
3/4" wide | 500/box
Lead Time: 5-7 business days

Glow In The Dark 430G

<div itemprop="name">Glow In The Dark 430G </div>
Online Price: $109.95
1/2" wide | 500/box
Lead Time: 5-7 business days

Securmatch Plastic Wristbands 468P

<div itemprop="name"> Securmatch Plastic Wristbands 468P</div>
Online Price: $49.95
1/2" wide | 500/box
Lead Time: 5-7 business days

Securband Plus 1" Tyvek Wristbands 2066

<div itemprop="name"> Securband Plus 1" Tyvek Wristbands 2066 </div>
Online Price: $41.95
1" wide | 1000/box
Lead Time: Ships same day